WWE Officials High on a Diva, Speculation on HBK Wrestling, Hayes


– Michael Hayes, who has been involved with WWE creative for a long time, has been away for a few weeks now. Hayes was given some time off to deal with some personal things and there’s no timetable for his return.

– For what it’s worth, a lot of people backstage at Monday’s RAW were wondering if Shawn Michaels getting involved at Hell In a Cell will lead to his in-ring return at WrestleMania XXX.

– There are a number of people within WWE, including Triple H, who feel that Aksana has something special and they want to keep her around.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. Lol they use to say aksana was holding down cesero no she’s special lol why who did she blow.. And I’m pretty damn sure hbk is never gonna wrestle again he’s a man who sticks with his words.

    • Aksana cant wrestle worth a s***! Her angle with Teddy Long was kinda interesting but what talent does she have besides sucking d***? I figure that’s how half these divas: the Bella’s being a prime example of how they get or keep their jobs.

      • Bella keep there jobs by lashing Onto the biggest stars so no matter how the company moves there still living it up at least it seems I hope not Bryan seems really happy and he deserves this,cena I think doesnt really care

  2. Might not be a favorable comment, and most likely never going to happen, but I’ve always wanted to see HBK vs Sting. Figured both were company men, it’d make for a good fued. but yeah, I think it’s a LONG shot.

  3. AJ Lee is the only diva with any decent all around talent. Natalya can wrestle but that butch looks 1000 years older than she really is. Maria Kanellis is also a great diva, but The Dumb Bellas have blocked her from returning to WWE. Hello TNA?

  4. They should change the Divas division name to The Red Light District, and honestly AJ should stay as a manager until a Tamina turns on her since Tamina and her are the closes thing they got to female wrestlers.


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