WWE Opens RAW With An Ultimate Warrior Tribute


In order to push the theme of Monday’s RAW as an Ultimate Warrior tribute show, WWE gave all the fans at the show Ultimate Warrior face paint masks. The show paid tribute to the WWE Hall of Famer, who died of a heart attack last Tuesday at the age of fifty-four.

Monday’s RAW broadcast opened with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and the entire WWE talent roster on stage. A video package then aired highlighting his career, Hall of Fame speech and RAW promo from last week. Following that, a “R.I.P Ultimate Warrior” graphic was shown.

When they returned live to the arena, WWE did a 10-bell salute for The Ultimate Warrior. They then showed fans with Warrior signs and their masks. The fans then broke out into a loud “Warrior!” chant as the talent roster headed to the back and The Ultimate Warrior’s theme music played.

A very classy move by WWE. Kudos.

VIDEO: WWE Opens RAW With An Ultimate Warrior Tribute >>