WWE Payback Results: The Fiend vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman


Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

Rollins starts things out thinking he’s going to bully Dominik, but instead gets whipped to the outside by a snap headscissors takedown, and begins to furiously shake the announce table. Punked.

Murphy tags in and Dominik hits an armdrag, a tilt-a-whirl armdrag and a big uppercut in the ropes. Rey tags in and goes to work with a flurry of kicks and both Mysterios start lighting him up. Rey screams at Seth and demands he gets in the ring. “Fight me you punk ass bitch!”

Seth tries to trash talk so Rey kicks him in the head and goes crazy with wild rights and lefts. Pops is NOT playing around tonight. He rolls into a pin but Murphy makes the blind tag and drills him from behind with a nasty running knee.

Things slow down as Rollins and Murphy continue to pick apart Rey, alternating every few minutes. Dominik eventually makes the hot tag, but runs right into a boot from Rollins. They put him on the top rope and he connects with a superplex, rolling into a Falcon Arrow! 1… 2… Dom kicks out.

The beatdown goes on for several minutes, with Dominik trying to fight back against a constant 2-on-1 current of offense. He eventually manages to tackle Murphy through the ropes with his whole body, then throws him hard into the plexiglass. Hot tag made to dad!

Rey comes in like a bat out of hell, taking down Rollins with a flurry of kicks and a springboard bulldog. He swings and misses with the 619, Rollins tries for a powerbomb but Mysterio rolls through into a dropkick. Murphy runs in but Dominik makes the save with a tornado DDT. Slingblade from Rollins. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Rey. Everybody’s down.

Rey slowly climbs to the top rope, but Rollins catches him in the air with a pair of knees to the gut. He sets up for the Stomp, Mysterio sidesteps, hits the ropes, but gets faceplanted into the mat hard. Dominik saves his dad and chases after Murphy, but Rollins blindsides him and the heels stomp the hell out of him on the floor.

Seth goes after Rey and tosses him into the barricade. He starts screaming “Where’s your son now, Rey?” and “where’s your family?” while stomping him in the head. He instructs Murphy to set up for a Buckle Bomb/Head Kick combo, but Mysterio slips out of it and Murphy accidentally blasts his mentor instead!

Dominik gets the hot tag! He throws his dad like a bowling ball out of the ring, right into a sunset flip powerbomb sending Rollins into the barricade. Dominik gets a drop toe hold sending Murphy into the ropes. 619 connects! Frog Splash follows! It’s over!

Winner: Dominik & Rey Mysterio

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