WWE Polls Fans On Which ECW Star Should Return To RAW, Lesnar


— As noted yesterday here on the website, Brock Lesnar is now being advertised for the February 6th house show in San Jose, California. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Lesnar was recently announced for the February 8th RAW in Seattle.

— After the recent returns of Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno, WWE is asking fans which other ECW Original they want to see brought back – Spike Dudley, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, Steve Corino, Sabu, Nova, New Jack, The Sandman, The Blue Meanie, Mikey Whipwreck or Raven. With over 4,000 votes, RVD is currently leading with 38% while Sabu has 15%, Spike has 14%, Raven has 13% and Sandman has 12%.

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Rob Van Dam: 36%
Raven: 15%
Sabu: 15%
Spike Dudley: 14%
The Sandman: 11%
New Jack: 3%
Other: 2%
Justin Credible: 1%
Mikey Whipwreck: 1%
Steve Corino: 1%
The Blue Meanie: 1%
Nova: 0%

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