WWE Making a Play For Top ‘All In’ Talents?, Triple H Says He Is Open to the Idea of Cross-Promotional Matches


According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been “rumbling” of WWE opening lines of communication with top talents being booked for the “All In” event taking place in September. The report specifically mentions Rey Mysterio, however talks with Mysterio have dated back to January of this year prior to him making a surprise return in the Royal Rumble match.

In related news, Triple H recently spoke with The UK Sun and had the following to say on potentially cross-promoting with promotions such as NJPW:

“We are open to doing things with anybody or anything.

“We have an alliance with PROGRESS in the UK, a situation with ICW in Scotland, two very well run and respected promotions that do good business – but more importantly they are cultivating talent.

“They are not just exploiting talent and grabbing guys to do a show with them, they are teaching talent and trying to make them better, which is what it is all about for me.”

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The article also points to an interview Kenny Omega previously did in which he reveals he attempted to get a cross-promotional match booked between The Elite and The New Day, but the idea fell through.

“I’d sort of been discouraged of ever trying to create a cross-promotional match,” said Omega. “The New Day angle fell flat on its face. I just sort of thought that from here on in, trying to even challenge WWE guys, if there was no pay-off, there’s no reason for it. It would’ve been dumb.”

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