WWE Possibly Making Changes To The WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony This Year?


During a recent episode of NotSam Wrestling, X-Pac revealed that there might be some changes coming to the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony this year.

X-Pac, who will be part of this year’s headline inductees alongside the rest of D-Generation X discussed the lengthy induction speeches being a problem, hinting that things may change for this year.

“Some things were explained to me when [Mark] Carano broke the news to me,” Waltman said. “He told me some things are going to change about the ceremony. Obviously, there were some things that were problems at pretty much of all the Hall of Fames, but especially last year. Guys just taking their sweet time [with their speeches].”

X-Pac went on to hint that one big change that might be coming this year is that there may not be any inductors for the Hall Of Fame talents.

“Things are gonna change,” Waltman said. “There may or may not be inductors. I mean, I’ve seen some inductors take 30 minutes to f—ing give their inductor’s speech!”

H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

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