WWE Provides Storyline Update on The Miz

WWE has provided a storyline update earlier today playing up The Miz’s injuries sustained from the attack by Randy Orton on Monday’s episode of Raw.

“Despite his injuries, The Miz is refusing to miss WWE Live Events this weekend and will continue competing.”

WWE had original reported the following on Monday:

“Randy Orton unleashed his vicious side on Raw, and it was The Miz who paid the price, suffering a litany of injuries at the hands of The Apex Predator when their scheduled match devolved into an all-out brawl.

Competing in his hometown of Cleveland, Miz was ultimately carried out on a stretcher after Orton — who had battered The Awesome One into unconsciousness in front of his parents — trapped Miz’s neck in the crux of a steel chair and drove home with a knee drop, sending the former WWE Champion out in the care of paramedics.”

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  • Ralph Ramos

    That’s really good. The poor Miz had to suffer just so randy boreton and the WWE could sell their little storyline. Take one for the team my ass. They went way too far with this.

    • allan

      Lmao What?! Too far ya I don’t think so also even Orton is a better wrestler then miz and I don’t think anyone even cares about him he will get released soon enough

  • Ralph Ramos

    You wouldn’t say that if it were you they beat the crap out of.What does Orton being a better wrestler than the Miz have to do with justifying what happened to him Dork? Absolutely nothing. Miz isn’t going anywhere. He’s too versatile of an employee, and too good at what he does. The only one that took a hit harder than the Miz was you with that blunt you smoked. LOL.