WWE Provides An Update On Vince McMahon After Kevin Owens’ Attack


On Tuesday, Kevin Owens brutally attacked the returning Vince McMahon, who, during the segment, gave Owens permission to assault any McMahon if provoked.

Owens’ first move on McMahon was to headbutt him, which resulted in the chairman’s forehead getting busted open. Of course, referees and producers came out to stop the former US Champion, but it didn’t matter, as Owens continued to strike McMahon.

His final move to the WWE chairman was to head to the top rope and hit him with a frog splash. Vince was helped to the back following the attack.

WWE has released the following statement regarding Kevin Owens’ attack on Vince McMahon:

“WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Kevin Owens during the shocking conclusion of Sin City SmackDown.

“WWE.com has learned that, following the attack, Mr. McMahon did not give comment and refused to be looked at by medical staff.

“Stay tuned to WWE.com for more news on this situation as it develops.”

If you missed the segment, watch it here: