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WWE Raw Legends Night Results: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee, Goldberg Returns, More!



wwe monday night raw results

Welcome to’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw for the first episode of 2021 as the build to the WWE Royal Rumble continues and the WWE Legends make their presence known. Live coverage begins at 8:00 PM ET.

JANUARY 4, 2021


The show begins with a phone being shown with a Hulkamania phone case as he says that with a ‘H’ phone you can use social media, and he says you can also call, and he hits his classic catchphrase and mentions that it’s legendary night. Odd opening segment.


We move into the ring with Miz TV as they promote the show, listing off a bunch of the legends who are here tonight with Miz following up with his classic “Cooooorect” line. Ultimately, this leads to them saying the biggest legend of all is The Miz.

He says 2021 is looking good because WWE management has come to its senses as he has the Money in the Bank briefcase back, and they welcome their first guests, The New Day. However, they claim that Miz and Morrison are actually guests on their show, New Day Talks.

The two men mock Miz’s “Cooorect” as Xavier Woods lists things their show will have, which is all done to mock the two men opposite them. Kofi claims Xavier Woods is the Baliff of their talk show and Kofi then brings out some question cards, asking if they have any New Years Resolutions.

Morrison lists off three resolutions as Miz snaps at him for not helping, while Kofi then asks which legend they’d most like to go out to dinner with. Morrison once again answers, which Miz isn’t happy with him again, but things then move on to the cooking portion of the show.

However, Miz snaps massively saying he’s had enough, but as he keeps ranting, Teddy Long makes his way out. I think I can smell a tag team match…

Teddy says with all of his years of experience he has a perfect solution, and he says Miz and Morrison will face… THE UNDERTAKER (Pop!) Adam Pearce comes out and informs Teddy that isn’t going to happen, so instead, Teddy makes it a tag team match, playa!


New Day start out in control of this match, with a nice double team against John Morrison hitting quick attacks straight after each other to take their opponent down. Morrison eventually responds with a forearm and then a knee strike as The Miz tags in.

He takes out his aggression on Woods but then misses wildly with a big boot which allows Woods to send him back to his corner. Kofi then launches in with a splash as he sends Miz into Woods for a big clothesline on the rebound. Kingston ends up going for Trouble In Paradise but Miz blocks it and tries to launch Kofi into the turnbuckles.

However, he shows his agility, leaps up and bounces back with an elbow as Woods then gets back into the ring, maintaining control. Morrison makes a blind tag but New Day stays in control as Kingston returns with a low dropkick.

Kingston catches Morrison with a dropkick and then hits a monkey flip which leads to him faceplanting. Miz tries to get involved but Woods runs interference, sending him to the outside as Kofi then dives over the top rope to take down both men.

With Morrison back in the ring, Kofi continues to control, but a distraction from Miz allows an opening and John takes advantage with a big kick to the side of Kingston’s head. The Miz then pushes Kofi onto the second ropes, with Morrison following up with a cheap shot.

He then returns to the ring and the heels drop Kofi into their knees, continuing to isolate the former WWE Champion. Kofi finally turns things around with an SOS, and he manages to make the hot tag to Woods, who comes in and drops Morrison with several clotheslines and then a huge kick to the face.

However, with Miz coming in and distracting, Morrison is able to connect with a great strike. Yet Woods responds with a huge forearm as he then tries to take him and Miz out at the same time, yet on the outside, Woods avoids Miz with Kingston leaping off the steel stairs to attack him.

Back in the ring, Xavier Woods continues to dominate, connecting with the Shining Wizard as they secure the win.

Winners: New Day


Randy Orton is backstage as he’s asked about what was going through his mind last week, and Orton says his voices were saying to drop the match and watch Alexa burn, but he couldn’t do it. Orton says just like everyone who has faced The Fiend, something in him changed, he showed Alexa Bliss compassion and mercy.

Orton says for that he hates himself, but then he realizes he can sculpt his hate and he is now truly capable or everything. Randy asks if she can imagine what he would do if he put that newfound hate to someone else, and now he’s going to go find some legends and remind them why he’s the Legend Killer.

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Bad Bunny Shines In His WWE In-Ring Debut At WrestleMania 37



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Bad Bunny got to make his in-ring debut at WWE WrestleMania 37, and the musician certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Latin hip hop star put in a fantastic effort, creating arguably one of the greatest celebrity performances in WrestleMania history. From hitting a crossbody to the outside, a Falcon Arrow, or a shocking Canadian Destroyer outside of the ring — yes, seriously — Bad Bunny more than proved his in-ring ability in this impressive match.

Bunny and his tag team partner Damian Priest were able to score the victory over The Miz and John Morrison, who they have been feuding with on Monday Night Raw for over a month, wrapping up an impressive debut.

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Omos Single-Handedly Dominates New Day To Win Raw Tag Team Championships



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Omos made his in-ring debut at WWE WrestleMania 37, and he did so in an impressive manner as new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions were crowned.

The New Day dominated the match, for the most part, isolating AJ Styles throughout. In fact, the “Phenomenal One” was barely able to get in a single offensive maneuver while the 11-time champions worked him over with relative ease.

When Styles’ towering tag team partner was finally able to tag in, the bodyguard impressed in his in-ring debut, dominating both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods without breaking a sweat.

Omos picked up the victory for his team after barely being hurt by The New Day, delivering a devastating double choke bomb. Plus, he added insult to injury by pinning Kingston with one giant foot on his chest.

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Women’s Tag Team Championship Match Set For WWE WrestleMania 37



The Women’s Tag Team Championship match for WWE WrestleMania 37 Night Two is now official following the tag team turmoil match.

Natalya and Tamina Snuka have earned the right to challenge Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler after winning the tag team turmoil match on Night One of WWE WrestleMania 37.

The turmoil match started with Billie Kay and Carmella taking on Lana and Naomi, with the brand new team managing to take out the TikTok stars.

From there, The Riott Squad entered the match, as they put on an impressive performance eliminating both Kay and Carmella as well as Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose. However, they ultimately fell short to Tamina and Natalya, who will now compete again tomorrow night for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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