WWE RAW Ratings: Down Nearly Half A Million Viewers From Last Week


– Monday’s live 3-hour episode of WWE RAW drew a 3.08 rating with 4,149,000 viewers.

Here’s the hourly viewership data:

Hour 1: 4,185,000
Hour 2: 4,236,000
Hour 3: 4,026,000

This week’s RAW was way down from last week’s post-WrestleMania 29 show, which did a 3.45 and nearly half a million more viewers.

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  1. That’s because John Cena is incapable of entertaining ANYBODY! They had their shot to win back the audience when The Rock came back and they blew it big time!

  2. The only kayfabe still left is believing that today’s pro wrestling is still good. Bring back NWO for starters. Baby Doll vs. Chyna, Nash vs Warrior etc…

  3. what do you expect, you have 3 guys that 1 year ago were still sitting in the house waiting for a call doing whatever they want every week, The Shield. John Cena as the most unwanted champion in history, but as long as make a wish can make a buck or two out of the guy he will still be on top, you keep wasting Randy Orton and Shamus, because let’s be honest Big Show’s good years are long gone, oh and you made the mistake of actually trying to use the Fandango thing, hey guess what WHEN YOU DO IT, IT STOPS BEING COOL.


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