WWE Raw Results (7/27): Raw Women’s Title Match, Randy Orton Chooses His Next Victim More


July 27th, 2020


Randy Orton says for 20 years he’s been called different names in WWE from the Apex Predator to the Viper and the Legend Killer. He then lists some of his big accomplishments from winning titles to the groups he has been in and he then says legends like The Rock and Steve Austin can’t hold a candle to him, his longevity, and his accolades.

However, Orton says something is missing. He says he hasn’t been able to put his finger on it recently, but now he knows…he desires to become WWE Champion, again. Orton says if he compared resumes with Drew McIntyre that would be a very short conversation.

Orton acknowledges that Drew fought his way up to return in WWE, stating he showed hustle and Orton says he respects him for beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Randy says Drew has a problem, and that is that he has something that he wants.

Orton says what he wants is a WWE Championship match at WWE SummerSlam! The Viper then says when he takes the title, Drew will never see it coming.


Nia Jax then makes her return to WWE Raw and she says she heard what Randy just said and she understands how he feels. She woke up this morning, she decided she wants to be Raw Women’s Champion. Nia notes how last time she faced Asuka for the title, she was screwed by a referee and then in the rematch, Charlotte Flair got involved.

Nia points out that Charlotte hasn’t been seen since, but as she keeps talking Shayna Baszler makes her way down to the ring. Shayna claims nobody gives a damn what Nia wants, but she responds very clearly by punching Baszler in the face. The two women then begin brawling until they are split by officials.


After a commercial, the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are in the ring as they hype up the next match, where the winners get to face them for the titles at WWE SummerSlam. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins then work as the ring announcers.


Before the bell, even rings, Andrade and Angel Garza jump the Viking Raiders from behind and they then launch Ricochet and Cedric Alexander out of the ring before heading out to face off with the champions. As the match finally gets underway the heels step back and leave the rest to fight.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet work well together to take down Ivar with some good work. However, the two teams eventually decided to join up and attack Garza and Andrade, quickly taking them both down. Back in the ring and Ricochet and Alexander pick up the pace with Ricochet hitting a big boot to the face by Ricochet.

The Viking Raiders then get themselves involved and the ring clears to just Erik and Ricochet. However, Andrade then pops up and ends up working with Ricochet. The two men then attack Erik in the corner with nobody to help him.

However, that alliance quickly ends as Andrade attacks Ricochet from behind, but Ivar makes the save. He takes the fight to Andrade and hits a huge running splash. However, he misses in the corner but does hit a gleed dominating.

However, as the match continues after the commercial everything spills on the outside with Garza and Andrade continuing to work well together, launching different people into the barricade. Andrade connects with the running knees, but Erik is able to kick out,

Ricochet tags in with Garza, but it is Ricochet who gets the best of their exchanges with great chops and then a huge high-flying attack and a standing moonsault. Cedric Alexander tags in but he gets dropped with a huge clothesline from Ivar, who then eats a back elbow by Andrade.

The former United States Champion then gets attacked with a stiff knee strike from Erik, but as he tries to hit a suicide dive, Garza denies him with a boot to the face. This leads to everyone being on the outside and Ivar launches himself from the top turnbuckle.

However, Angel Garza avoids the situation and he then grabs Alexander to hit the Wing Clipper to earn a future title shot at WWE SummerSlam.

Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza

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