WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More


Tonight is the post-SummerSlam edition of Monday Night Raw, which will feature all the fallout from the PPV, with this also being the first episode of Raw inside the ThunderDome. Announced for the show is an episode of the Kevin Owens Show, featuring Aleister Black, and Keith Lee will be debuting on the main roster. 

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

WWE Raw Results
August 24th, 2020
Orlando, FL


Drew McIntyre welcomes everyone to the WWE ThunderDome and he asks for a thumbs up from everyone on the screens. Drew then says that WWE SummerSlam was one of his biggest challenges, but he still stands here as WWE Champion, which he claims is because he’s hungrier than Randy Orton.

Drew says he knows what it’s like to go through hard times, but Orton has never had that feeling, he is always so protected. McIntyre says that Orton was great when he started, and he admits that the Viper is the absolute best, but last night, he was that much better.

Drew remembers back to WWE Backlash, and how Orton bragged about being the greatest wrestler ever, but last night he didn’t just beat Orton, he did it with a wrestling manoeuvre. Drew then tells Orton he knows he won’t let this go, so if he wants to get in the ring and do this again then that is fine. That’s because he will get the chance to do the one thing he didn’t last night, which is kick Orton’s head off and take him to Claymore Country.

Drew then heads to the back and has one final pose on the ramp, but Orton then appears from behind and attacks McIntyre. The two men then brawl back into Gorilla Position where Orton attacks the eyes of the WWE Champion as officials try to break them up. However, as the officials appear, Orton slithers past and delivers a devastating Punt Kick to Drew McIntyre.

The WWE officials then try to attend to Drew, but as they do that, Orton comes back and delivers a second Punt!


Nia Jax is shown backstage as she’s asked why she’s here tonight due to the suspension. Nia says she has been reinstated, as all she had to do was go to Pat Buck and apologize, which she screams. Shayna Baszler then appears and says they’re all counting the moments until Nia gets suspended again.

Nia says if Shayna ever needs help she can call her and they trade insults back and forth at each other.


Before the match begins, Nia Jax makes her way out to get a closer look at things. When things get underway, Shayna Baszler takes control, pinning Bayley down to the mat as she works on the shoulder of the champion, with Bayley eventually retreating.

Bayley gets back into the ring but once again Shayna takes control, catching Bayley with a big knee strike as she then locks in a submission, which leads to Sasha Banks teasing getting into the ring. This breaks up the submission and allows Bayley to attack Shayna from behind.

Despite a few good shots by Shayna, Bayley manages to sidestep her and dump the former MMA star out of the ring. But as Shayna tries to get back into the ring, Nia pulls her away and catches Shayna with a big forearm and the two women begin to brawl.

Nia then attacks her in the ring, but Sasha and Bayley end up mocking them too much as they act overly confident and this leads to Shayna and Nia seemingly getting onto the same page as the start walking towards the champions who retreat.

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