WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More



Kevin Owens welcomes us to the first-ever Kevin Owens Show in the ThunderDome, as he welcomes his guest, Aleister Black. He makes his way out with a bandaged eye due to the attack from Murphy the last time he was on the show.

Black shows apprehension when getting into the ring and avoids using the steel stairs. KO asks how his eye is healing up and Black tells him to just roll the footage. Owens says that Seth Rollins and his disciples get into his head as well and he acts concerned for Aleister Black.

However, Black starts falling to the floor and acting like he’s in pain, so KO goes to check on him and receives a back elbow and then Black Mass for his troubles, as Aleister Black leaves Kevin Owens laying.


Bayley and Sasha Banks are shown backstage as Bayley says they weren’t running away, they were taking precautions as Sasha has a title match tonight. Sasha then says she shouldn’t even be in this position as they point out tonight is about becoming Two Belts Banks again.

Bayley then says when that is done, they will take care of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.


Straight away Shelton Benjamin takes out Tozawa and after a few roll-up attempts it boils down to Benjamin and Cedric Alexander with Benjamin dumping him to the floor. R-Truth then battles against the champion, with Tozawa getting involved Benjamin tries to dump him out of the ring with a powerbomb.

However, Tozawa gets caught by his ninjas and as he tries to get back in, Benjamin gets thrown out of the ring from Truth. But, while he’s looking at his handiwork, Tozawa gets a roll-up to regain the title.

Winner (and NEW 24/7 Champion): Akira Tozawa


Randy Orton says for the longest time he’s done whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted, but last night wasn’t the case. Randy says he’s a man of his word, he promised he would kill the legend of Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels and that is what he did because he is the Legend Killer.

Orton says he took an opportunity tonight and he enjoyed it. He says he kicked him twice because McIntyre offered a rematch to him out of pity, with Randy questioning who the hell Drew thinks he is. But before Randy Orton can continue…it’s time for him to Bask In His Glory…Keith Lee is here!

Keith says that Orton seems a little perplexed. Keith Lee introduces himself and says he has come here to offer Orton an opportunity and a privilege to stop what he’s doing and to bask in his glory. Keith says Orton has been called many things like Apex Predator and Legend Killer and he’s been called many names as well, with one thing he is certainly being limitless.

Keith Lee says Orton seems to be looking for a fight and he lays down a challenge to face Randy Orton one on one right here, right now. However, Orton just says, maybe later.

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