WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More



Charly Caruso is shown backstage as she questions Zelina Vega if she will admit to poisoning Montez Ford, and while Angel Garza says that she was caught, but Zelina quickly stops him in his tracks. He then flirts with Debbie, inviting her to the ring to his match, which frustrated Charly.


The two men start the match with great pace as Montez Ford takes control early, but as he tries to take things to the high-risk district, his leap from the top rope is caught by a dropkick from Angel Garza. He then hangs up Montez on the turnbuckles upside down as Garza charges in with another dropkick.

With Angel in control, Ivar makes his way down to the ring, which distracts him. The Viking Raider heads to Debbie and gives her a turkey leg and takes her away as she goes with him. As they go, Garza gets back to the match, catching Ford with a kick while he’s on the top rope.

However, while they both brawl at the top, it is Ford who comes out on top and he follows it with his huge Frog Splash to get a quick victory.

Winner: Montez Ford

Nia Jax tells Shayna Baszler they could win the Women’s Tag Team Titles and she wants them. Baszler says that if she helps her with that, Nia has to get off her back. The women push each other and Shayna slaps her in the face as they go their separate ways.


The IIconics start out in control of this match, working well together to target Liv Morgan, but she fights back to Peyton Royce and hits a big splash in the corner to bring Ruby Riott into the match. Peyto is able to escape and bring in Billie Kay who connects with a huge kick to the face, but that doesn’t get the job done.

The IIconics then hit a nice double team with several kicks to Ruby as Zelina Vega then tags in and connects with a big boot in the corner followed by a running knee attack. Zelina then attacks Liv in the corner and tries to do the same to Bianca, but she avoids it and then tags in.

Belair hits several shoulder tackles as she then knocks both The IIconics off the ring apron. Belair then plants Vega face-first onto the mat and hits a moonsault as well, but The IIconics break things up. Morgan and Riott take them out and Belair then connects with the KOD to get the win.

Winners: Ruby Riott, Liv Morga, & Bianca Belair

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