WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More



Ricochet and Cedric Alexander are shown backstage arm wrestling, with Mark Henry then taking the equipment to go to the ring. MVP then appears and questions what Cedric is doing as things get heated between MVP and Ricochet. MVP tells Cedric he is wasting his time hanging around with the guy who calls himself the One and Only.

He tells them to keep messing around backstage while he takes care of United States Championship business.


Mark Henry is shown in the ring as he hypes up WWE Payback and the United States Championship match that will be taking place on that show. Henry welcomes both men and he says he has told the Hurt Business and Cedric & Ricochet to stay in the back.

Lashley says that’s not a problem, as he is going to win this contest and then beat him up, but not too bad, as he needs to be able to beat him up on Sunday. As they go to start the arm-wrestling contest, Bobby Lasley takes his time, taking off his jacket after he first starts.

Lashley then talks a little trash to Mark Henry but while that happens, Apollo slams his foot onto Lashley’s and quickly pins his arm down to win the contest. The two men then brawl with Apollo connecting with a big boot as he then launches himself over the top rope to take out the rest of the Hurt Business, who tried to get involved.


The Mysterio Family are shown backstage as Rey is asked about the whole situation, with Rey saying he is proud of his son. Rey says Dominik gave Seth hell last night, and he couldn’t ask for more. Dominik then says he was nervous last night, but he had his family in his corner.

Rey says that’s what Seth doesn’t understand, they give each other strength and one day Seth will have a family of his own and he will learn what he put himself and his wife through. Rey then says tonight he is proud of Dominik and he says tonight will be great as it’s something he has been dreaming of for many years, getting to share the ring with his son.


Natalya and Lana are then shown in the ring as they say that they’re paying tribute to Mickie James, stating her trail will come to an end. Nattie says that tonight they’re retiring Mickie and she puts out a reel of Mickie’s best moments…which is just a black screen.

Mickie James then makes her way down to the ring, pushing Natalya to the floor as Lana is then taken out with a spin kick to the face.


Bobby Lashley gets out his anger inside Raw Underground as he takes out a wrestler with ease. Dolph Ziggler then steps up and challenges Bobby and immediately takes down the bigger man. Lashley turns things around though with a sharp kick, but Ziggler gets one of his own and then locks in the Sleeper Hold.

Lasley is able to fight out of it and he then just shoulder tackles Ziggler out of the ring and into wall and other wrestlers. Another wrestler then gets fed to Bobby and he knocks him out with one sharp kick to the head.

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