WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More



Randy Orton takes early control with a headlock, but Keith Lee then shows his agility, leapfrogging him and then dropping Orton down with a huge shoulder tackle. Orton comes back with a couple of uppercuts but as he goes for a punch, Lee catches it and starts crushing the hand of Orton as he launches him across the ring with a suplex.

Randy slithers to the outside and is able to end Keith Lee into the ring post, with Orton hitting his classic stomps as he gets back into the ring. Keith Lee comes back with a big splash into the corner though, following up with a crossbody and then a huge tackle which sends Orton out of the ring again.

The former NXT Champion puts Orton in first, a rookie mistake as he gets the classic DDT from the second ropes as he tries to get back into the ring. Orton then looks to set up the RKO, but Drew McIntyre appears and pulls Orton out of the ring, attacking him and sending Orton running away.


Drew McIntyre is shown backstage when he tells Charly Caruso he doesn’t feel good, and he addresses Randy Orton until the Legend Killer appears from behind! Orton attacks Drew and then nails him with yet another Punt Kick!


Sasha Banks goes for a pinfall straight away, but that doesn’t work and Asuka sends Banks outside the ring where she is confronted by many of the women on the outside. Banks pushes Ruby Riott and as she tries to get back into the ring, Asuka connects with a Hip Attack, sending her back to the floor.

Sasha manages to turn things around though as she attacks Asuka on the outside, holding her for Bayley to attack. Banks then tries to charge into the corner but eats a superkick. The match continues though with Asuka sending Banks outside yet again.

The champion chases Bayley around as she throws lumberjacks in front of her and this allows Sasha to appear from behind, launching Asuka into the steel stairs. Banks then connects with a Frog Splash in the ring, but Asuka kicks out.

Sasha demands Bayley gets a chair, which she does. However, before she’s able to put it into the ring, Shayna Baszler stops her as the Asuka Lock is synched in by the champion, forcing Sasha Banks to tap out.

Winner (and still champion): Asuka

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