WWE Raw Results (8/24): Keith Lee Debuts, Punt Kicks, Retribution Attacks, & More



Backstage, Drew McIntyre is sent off in an ambulance, and Keith Lee is then interviewed where he says there’s a part of him that would have liked to say “don’t get involved in my Raw debut.” However, he saw his friend lowered into an ambulance, but thankfully Drew is tough and he knows he can say he will be okay. But Keith Lee cannot say the same for Randy Orton.


Raw Underground continues with Bobby Lashley still dominating, planting Cedric Alexander to the mat as he then forces Cedric to tap out. Ivar then appears to attack him, but the rest of the Hurt Business gets involved in fighting the Viking Raiders.


Before the bell even rings the Mysterio’s attack Seth Rollins and Murphy, taking the fight to their enemies. However, Seth is able to dispatch of Rey, launching him into the commentary table and that leaves things to being a handicap match.

Despite that, Dominik handles himself perfectly, connecting with a dropkick as he then sends Murphy out of the ring. Rey gets Seth back in the ring and it sets up the 619, but Murphy pulls him out of the way just in time. But while they stand on the outside, Dominik leaps from the top turnbuckle to take them both out.

As the match returns from commercial, it is Seth Rollins in control, but Rey is able to fight out with a kick to Murphy while being in the hands of Rollins, who then gets dropped with a DDT. Rey hits an enzirguri to Murphy and finally makes the tag with Dominik taking the fight to Murphy, dropping him with a clothesline and then a springboard clothesline.

Mysterio then hits a big DDT but Rollins breaks things up just in time. However, a distraction from Rollins works and Murphy is able to attack him at the lower legs, only for Dominik to manage a tag. Rey leaps in with a big springboard to Seth, but he’s not aware a tag is made and Murphy tries to go for a roll-up.

Rey and Dominik then hit a double e619 and the Mysterio’s go to the top turnbuckles look for another attack, but the lights flicker away and Retribution is here!

Seth and Murphy run away but the Mysterio’s aren’t quite as lucky.The show ends with WWE’s newest faction standing tall as Rey and Dominik are left beaten down.

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