WWE Raw Results (9/7): Drew McIntyre Returns, The Mysterio Family Stands Tall, More!


Tonight will see the latest episode of Monday Night Raw as the build continues to WWE Clash Of Champions. Randy Orton will look to continue his dominance, while we wait to see what is next from the Retribution faction that has been running rough shot over the red brand lately.

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WWE Raw Results
September 7th, 2020
Orlando, FL


Randy Orton says tonight he finds himself facing Keith Lee once again, and he says the more they cross paths, the more likely Lee is to get kicked in the head. Orton then moves onto Drew McIntyre saying they will compete at WWE Clash Of Champions, *if* Drew is able to make it.

He asks what WWE should do if Drew cannot defend at the one PPV when all titles should be defended. Orton’s solution is that Drew gives him the WWE Championship…but before he can continue we hear ambulance sirens and Drew McIntyre is in the driving seat!

The WWE Champion charges into the ring and nails Randy with a Claymore Kick, leaving his challenger laying in the ring.


Backstage the Hurt Business is seen making their way into the arena where they confront a random cleaner, with MVP asking him why he said something about Shelton Benjamin’s mother (which he didn’t.) He asks if he’s either a liar or he said something about Benjamin’s mom and they beat up the cleaner, for some reason.

Adam Pearce is then shown questioning Drew McIntyre and he says he just wanted to let Orton know he would be at WWE Clash Of Champions. Adam says he is injured and he needs to go home, and Drew tells him to relax as he is leaving.


Before the match can even begin, The Hurt Business take the first shot by attacking Cedric Alexander during his entrance. Once the match finally gets underway, Shelton Benjamin starts out dominating Apollo Crews in the ring as Bobby Lashley then gets involved.

The United States Champion continues the beatdown of Crews and the trio make frequent tags as they each work away on Apollo. Lashley drops Apollo with a Flatliner. Crews finally breaks through to try and make a tag, but Cedric Alexander flips and turns on Ricochet!

Alexander pulls him away and launches his tag team partner into the barricade several times before he then gets int the ring and takes out Crews as well, leaving Apollo to be finished off by Benjamin.

Winners: The Hurt Business

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