WWE Raw Results (9/7): Drew McIntyre Returns, The Mysterio Family Stands Tall, More!


Things start out frosty as Andrade barges past Angel Garza during their entrance, but Garza starts out ripping his pants off and launching them at Montez Ford, showing he’s focused, but it Ford who gets the first attack with a clothesline and he then chops Andrade to tag him in.

Angel and Zelina Vega then argue on the outside, but Garza makes the decision to walk away as Andrade misses with the running knee attempt. The Street Profits take advantage of this from their opponents, taking out Andrade as Ford hits the huge Frog Splash for the victory.

Winners: The Street Profits


After the victory, the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions randomly appear on the red brand! Cesaro says they were surprised to hear that The Street Profits were the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in years, but they know that fans think of them as just people who play golf and mess with ninjas.

Cesaro says they are fighting champions, and they are challenging them to a champion vs champion match next week. Shinsuke Nakamura says it’s because they want the smoke, but Dawkins cuts him off. They joke around about how many partners Cesaro has had, and Ford says that the match is on!


R-Truth is then shown at a restaurant as Akira Tozawa and his ninjas appear and he is forced to fight his way out.


Just one week removed from being forced to split up, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are now in singles action. Peyton takes down Billie early on to impress but then they begin to argue as they both trade small slaps to each other.

The women then struggle to take advantage as they know each other so well, but Kay does walk into a spin kick to give herself control. Royce then follows up with another kick and then an impressive neck breaker in order to get the win over her former partner.

Winner: Peyto Royce

After the match Royce picks up Billie Kay and hugs her, showing compassion to her former tag partner.

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