WWE Raw Results (9/7): Drew McIntyre Returns, The Mysterio Family Stands Tall, More!



They Mysterio Family is then shown in the ring as Rey provides an update on his arm, saying he doesn’t have an exact timetable yet, but he can’t wait to get back and get closure against Seth Rollins. He then moves on to Dominik’s match tonight, stating he is so confident in him.

Dominik then gets set to talk but Murphy pops up and says that it is because of Dominik Seth Rollins turned his back on him and berated him in the ring last week. Rey says it is not their fault that he pledges his loyalty to a son of a bitch like Seth.

Murphy claims he sees clearly now and the ultimate sacrifice would be to end Dominik’s bright future before it begins and he challenges Dom to a street fight which he accepts.


Adam Pearce is shown backstage talking to the WOmen’s Tag Team Champions when Drew McIntyre walks past. Pearce asks Drew what he is doing but the champion tells him to relax and once again ensures him that he’s leaving.


Natalya and Mickie James kick things off in this match as James drops Nattie with a shoulder tackle, following up with a basement dropkick as Asuka then tags in. They look for a double team but Natalya tags in Lana instead, who looks for a cheap shot against the champion.

Asuka follows with a kick of her own but she misses with the hip attack and James tags in, but Nattie drops her with a dropkick of her own and she and Lana work on James in the corner. Natalya hits a suplex and dominates, talking trash to Asuka in the process.

Lana drops Mickie James face-first as well, but Asuka breaks up the pinfall attempt. Natalya then throws her out of the ring and James sends Nattie out, connecting with a neck breaker too. But with Asuka not there, James goes to the top rope instead, only for Asuka to appear, making the tag and setting the Asuka Lock up to win it for her team.

Winners: Asuka & Mickie James


The Hurt Business are then shown backstage as they celebrate with Cedric Alexander. But as the rest leave, Shelton Benjamin warns him that he had best not be playing a game here, as he will find out and teach him a lesson.


MVP welcomes Cedric Alexander to the group, and asks what made him change. He says instead of being on the end of a beatdown he would rather learn, and earn. He said he was going broke and being in a team with someone who calls himself the ‘One and Only’ is no good.

However, before he can carry o, the Viking Raiders make their way out and they’re joined by Ricochet and Apollo Crews! The four men hit the ring and straight away things break down into a major fight.

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