WWE Raw Results (9/7): Drew McIntyre Returns, The Mysterio Family Stands Tall, More!



Shelton Benjamin starts out dominating Ricochet, but he fires back with a kick and brings in Apollo who nails a standing moonsault. MVP then hits the ring, but Apollo turns things around against him and Ivar joins in and continues the domination against him.

Ivar launches MVP into Erik who nails a huge knee strike to him and he carries on with several knees as MVP keeps being isolated in the corner. Ivar hits a crossbody but MVP is able to kick out and keep the match alive. Apollo tagging in gives MVP the chance to turn the tide though, connecting with a sharp kick as he then tags in Bobby Lashley.

The United States Champion connects with several elbow strikes in the corner but Erik then tags in and he starts throwing big forearms to Lashley as he then hits a huge knee strike. However, Benjamin tags in and even though Erik stays in control, Lashley explodes out of the corner to take him out.

That help allows Benjamin to hit a trio of powerslams as he looks for the pin but Erik is able to kick out. Benjamin hits a running knee and brings in Lashley who once again explodes in the corner and MVP then joins in with the big running boot, but Erik kicks out again.

Cedric finally tags in and he showcases his new aggressive side, stomping away on Erik until Benjamin returns and is taken out with a sharp knee to the face by Erik. Ricochet tags in and explodes on the corner taking everyone out as he runs up MVP and then nails him with a sharp kick.

He picks up the pace and hits a moonsault off the second rope but Alexander then pops into the ring to cause a distraction and MVP clobbers him from behind. Cedric then gets into the ring and he nails Ricochet with the Neurolizer, but he is able to kick out.

Ricochet fires back with a chop and then two men then go back and forth trading strikes and kicks until Ricochet delivers a huge full nelson slam. The pinfall attempt is broken up and the traditional run-ins from everyone take place with each wrestler being taken out ending with Ivar hitting a suicide dive to the outside wiping out everyone.

Back in the ring, Ricochet looks for the 630, but Cedric moves and he nails a Michinoku Driver which picks up a victory for his team, despite the fact it seems like Ricochet kicked out here.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Backstage, Drew McIntyre is still here and he’s asked about that by Charly Caruso. Drew says he can’t find an exit but he will push forward and he’ll be out soon.


Randy Orton tries to avoid starting the match for long periods until he managers to catch Keith Lee with a poke to the eye. He tries to hit the RKO but Lee keeps him up with his own neck strength. Orton heads to the outside to try and avoid the Limitless One and as he charges towards him, the Viper smartly trips him up and sends Lee crashing into the barricade.

Back in the ring and Lee is able to build some momentum with a splash in the corner followed by a big forearm which then goes into a powerslam, but Orton is able to kick out. However, as the match continues and Keith Lee builds some momentum, Drew McIntyre reappears and nails Orton with another Claymore Kick!

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