WWE Raw Results (9/7): Drew McIntyre Returns, The Mysterio Family Stands Tall, More!



The fight between KO and Black continues in Raw Underground with Owens connecting with a headbutt, but Black turns thins around with a big kick of his own. The fight then spills out as the two men fall into Dabba-Kato and he comes in and then just destroys both men, showing how he feels about that.


Randy Orton is shown backstage and Drew McIntyre then appears, attacking the Legend Killer, shoving his head into the ring post as he continues to work on the jaw of Orton. The WWE Champion then nails a third Claymore Kick!


The entire Mysterio family makes their way down tonight, but Murphy takes the right straight to Dominik Mysterio, launching him over the announce table as the rest of the family watches on. The brief distraction works in Dom’s favor though as he then launches Murphy over the announce desk as the two men continue brawling.

They brawl towards the ThunderDome screens and Dominik climbs to the top of some of the LED boards and hits a big crossbody to the floor, onto Murphy. Mysterio continues to take the fight to Murphy on top of the ramp, driving him into the tron.

Murphy quickly fights back though, dropping Dominik straight back onto the steel ramp. Murphy then tries to push Dominik towards the stairs but he manages to fight it off to stop that, yet Murphy still manages to drop Dom onto the barricade and over to the floor.

Murphy then utilises a steel chair and works a submission to stretch out the mid-section of Dominik. However, he manages to send Murphy out of the ring to get a quick break, only for Murphy to then get straight back on the attack, launching Dominik into the ring post multiple times.

Murphy ties up Dominik on the ropes, but he manages to get a kick onto him to save that moment and Rey Mysterio takes away the kendo stick while his sister and mother untie him. With Murphy looking under the ring, Dominik launches himself out with a sunsetflip bomb that sends Murphy crashing through a table that is propped onto the announce desk.

Dominik then connects with a Frog Splash, yet Murphy kicks out! However, they then tie up Murphy and Rey and Dominik then go wild with the kendo sticks, just as they did to Dominik several weeks ago. Rey then brings in his daughter and his wife and they start attacking Murphy with the stick as well and Murphy quits, granting Dom the win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

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