WWE Raw Results (1/14): New Intercontinental Champion Crowned, Finn Balor Goes The Distance To Head To The Royal Rumble!!


JANUARY 14TH, 2019
Results by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


MR. MCMAHON IS HERE! Vince pulls up and steps out from his limousine and he makes his way towards the arena.


BRAAAAAUUUUUUN! The monster among men is here, and he looks hyped. He grabs a mic and is only two weeks away from facing the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. The crowd begins to chant “Get These Hands”. He says that Brock will never admit it, but he has always been afraid of Braun. He was always looking over his shoulder the entire time that Braun held the Money In The Bank contract, and time and time again, he prevented Braun from cashing in his opportunity. He says that Braun is all healed up, and Baron Corbin is no longer in power, so there is no one there to save him. He says that at the Royal Rumble, he will get the Universal Championship.

Out comes Baron Corbin to a series of boos. He says that all Braun does is let the people down. He can’t beat Brock Lesnar, and he has to accept it. And then he will focus on winning the Royal Rumble and go where Braun will never go, which is the main event or WrestleMania!

Braun has heard enough, and he gives chase into the back. He runs into the Singh brothers, and he tosses Sameer Singh into a table before disappearing in the back, searching for Corbin.

We suddenly come across Elias, who starts to sing a song about Corbin and Strowman, and sings to Strowman, telling him where Corbin is hiding, which is in the limo parked in the lot. He proceeds to break the windows of the limo and Baron runs away scared. Here is Vince McMahon, who gives Braun a GLARE, and Strowman looks super scared. Vince tells him that this is going to cost him $100,000.

Strowman can’t believe it and tells Vince that the car is a piece of crap and not worth that much. Vince admonishes him for raising his voice, and tells him that he no longer is going to get his opportunity against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Braun is enraged and flips the limo.

Braun is escorted from the building as Baron Corbin looks on laughing.


Sasha starts with Nia Jax, and Sasha starts fast with a sleeper from Nia. Nia flings her off, and Sasha gets a knee to the face and follows it up with a sliding knee. Sasha goes for the cover, but Nia kicks out. Sasha tags in Ronda, who hits Nia with some right hands, but Nia fights back and tags in Tamina.

Tamina hits Ronda with a headbutt, but Ronda comes back with a step up and then an armbar attempt, but Nia drags out Tamina. Tamina collects herself on the outside with Nia Jax. Sasha comes and hits Nia with a cheap shot on the outside. Ronda tags in Sasha, who runs into a superkick from Tamina.

Nia Jax makes her way into the ring and locks in a bear hug on Sasha. Sasha tries to fight back, but Nia knocks her down with a back elbow and then tags Tamina in. Tamina picks up Sasha for a body slam, but Sasha goes behind and tries for a rollup, but Tamina rolls through and hits Ronda with a cheapshot. Nia attacks Sasha and holds her as Tamina charges her, but Sasha moves and Tamina hits Nia.

Sasha hits a side Russian leg sweep and turns it into the Bank Statement, and Tamina taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Ronda Rousey

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