WWE Raw Results (1/20): Royal Rumble Go-Home Show, U.S. Title Ladder Match, New Champions Crowned



JANUARY 20, 2020


We start the show with the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins making his way to the ring, and he is not alone. He is joined by Akam & Rezar, the Authors of Pain, along with his newest follower, Buddy Murphy, all complete in suits.

Seth Rollins says that every single member of the WWE Universe has played a part in making him the man that he is today. Without them, there is no Monday Night Messiah, so he just wants to say “Thank You”. He appreciates all the faith that they have put in him to lead the flagship show as the premiere program. The crowd boos the heck out of Rollins, and he says that he wants to thank Buddy Murphy specifically. Last week he embraced his fate and he was courageous to rise up and stand on the right side of history.

He says that Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were standing in the way of the future, but their plan failed because the future is inevitable. This is destiny. So now everyone is at a crossroads and have to make a decision. The battle lines are drawn. Either you are with them, or you are against them. For those that stand in opposition….

The music of Kevin Owens hits, and Owens makes his way onto the ramp! But he’s not alone, as we hear the music of Samoa Joe!!! Kevin Owens says that Rollins got rid of the Big Show, but they didn’t get rid of he and Joe. He says he suggests less talking, MORE FIGHTING.

Rollins says they can fight….just not right now. They have to decide on a proper time….a proper place….

Joe says that all he hears is an asshat. Seth tries to calm down the AOP. Seth says that they are outnumbered, but Joe says that they were ready for a fight…but they aren’t the only ones.

OUT COME THE VIKING RAIDERS!! Chaos ensues in the ring and Rollins gets out of the ring and retreats as Owens hits the Stunner on Akam! Joe gets Murphy and delivers a Urinage as Rollins and team hit the high road out of there!

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