WWE Raw Results (1/7) – Falls Count Anywhere For the Intercontinental Championship, Braun & Brock Face to Face, A Moment Of Bliss



Here we go internet commenters….it’s time for Hulk Hogan! Hogan is here to honor “Mean” Gene Okerlund. First we get a 10-Bell Salute to honor the WWE Hall of Famer and legend. Out comes Hogan and we quickly get a “Hogan” chant…and Hogan gets on the mic and says “LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BROTHER”. Hogan gets out of character, and he says that he came out in character because that’s what Gene would have wanted because he loved entertaining more than anything that he did. Hogan plays a video package honoring Gene. Beautiful package. Hogan says that Gene was one of a kind. He can speak for the WWE Superstars, and anyone that’s ever watched the WWE….”We love you my brother”. He says he’s not here, but he’s in his heart.

The crowd chants “Thank you Mean Gene”, and Hogan gets teary eyed. Hogan gets in character, and says that all the angels are singing “Tutty Fruity” and putting together a tag match between Macho Man Randy Savage & Ultimate Warrior vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Mr. Perfect and Andre The Giant is the special guest referee. He also knows he’s going to break up a fight between Bobby The Brain Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. So one question is left to ask….”WHATCHA GONNA DO, WHEN MEAN GENE-O-MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?!”


Gable is making quick short work of the Revival, and we have a quick double team from Gable & Roode, and they back body drop The Revival and they get out of the ring to collect themselves, but the Lucha House Party send them back in. Dawson is in with Gable and he gets a quick tag to WIlder, who picks up Gable and hangs him up on the top rope.

Gable tags in Bobby Roode, and Roode hits both Dash and Dawson with clotheslines over the top rope. He tags in Gable and Wilder gets back in and Gable hits a dead lift German to Dash Wilder into a pin. Dawson splashes Gable and then rolls up Gable. Roode pushes Gable and switches the weight and the referee counts the three, but doesn’t see that Dawson has his foot on the bottom rope!

Winners AND STILL WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: Chad Gable & Bobby Roode


Ladies & Gentlemen….Elias.

Elias plays a little ditty on his guitar and the crowd claps along. Great crowd tonight, for the record.

Elias says he’s been reflecting upon his 2018 and how quickly he’s risen to stardom. He has played shows all across the world and it has led him hear to Orlando, and to the inevitable truth that WWE stands for….WALK WITH ELIAS!!!

If you thought 2018 was great, it is nothing for what Elias has in store for 2019. He will walk into Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, and in front of 40,000 people, he will win the Royal Rumble. But as much as he loves his success, he loves the failure of Baron Corbin. He has not forgotten all the time he’s been wronged by Baron Corbin. He begins to play a song about it but is immediately interrupted by Baron Corbin. He says he can’t take another mind numbing performance.

Corbin says that Elias just like all these people can’t comprehend the amount of stress it takes to be in a role like General Manager of Raw. And because they don’t understand, they disrespect him. He bets they’d want him to go away, but that isn’t going to happen because he is going to enter the Royal Rumble and go on to main event WrestleMania.

Elias says that before Corbin says one more stupid word, to do everyone a favor and SHUT HIS MOUTH.

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