WWE Raw Results (1/7) – Falls Count Anywhere For the Intercontinental Championship, Braun & Brock Face to Face, A Moment Of Bliss



Sasha gets some early dropkicks on Nia but Nia sends Sasha up and over. Nia bulldozes Sasha hard off the apron. Tamina comes to take advantage and Bayley comes to help. Tamina over powers Bayley and sends her into the barricade.

Sasha attacks Tamina, but Nia comes to make the save. Nia military presses Sasha and drops her right onto the barricade. The referee starts a 10 count and Sasha JUST makes it back in the ring before the count of 10. Both women get up and Sasha delivers a running knee to the face of Nia. Sasha gets to the top rope and hits Nia with a Meteroa. Sasha goes for the cover but gets only a 2 count.

Sasha locks in a bank statement, but Nia gets up quickly and hits Sasha with a side slam. She picks up Sasha and hits a Samoan Drop, but Sasha is able to roll towards the ropes. Nia goes for the cover but Sasha gets her foot on the bottom rope. Nia picks up Banks and puts her on her shoulders and goes for a top rope Samoan drop. Sasha tries to fight out so Nia just drops her brutally on the top rope, hanging her up on her neck.

Tamina tries to interfere, but Bayley blocks and throws Tamina into the barricade herself this time. Nia and Sasha are out on the apron and Sasha goes for a hurricanrana off the apron, but Nia botches and both women hit hard and weird. Nia rolls back in and Sasha springboards her way into the ring and into the Bank Statement. Nia taps.

Winner: Sasha Banks


Dean Ambrose makes his entrance, but Rollins attacks him right away. Rollins sends Ambrose into the crowd. Ambrose tries to get away and gets backstage. Rollins tries to nail Ambrose with a shovel, but Ambrose moves out of the way. the two fight onto a case and Ambrose takes the head of Rollins and snaps it back onto the metal.

Ambrose grabs a ladder and throws it at Rollins and goes for a cover, but Rollins kicks out at 2. The match makes its way back to the arena and up on the announcers table. Rollins body slams Ambrose right through the table. Rollins then gets up on a steel barricade and delivers a crossbody to Ambrose and goes for a cover but Ambrose kicks out. The match makes its way back to ring side and Ambrose hits Rollins with a steel chair again and again.

Ambrose uncovers the mat to the concrete below, then mounts Rollins and starts to show his crazed side, hitting right hand after right hand on Rollins. He picks Rollins up and sets him up for a Dirty Deeds on the concrete, but Rollins reverses and back body drops Ambrose onto the concrete. He picks Ambrose up and delivers a superplex and then a buckle bomb! Rollins sets up Ambrose for the curb stomp as the crowd chants “BURN IT DOWN!”

Rollins nails Ambrose with the Curb Stomp! Seth goes for the cover! 1……2…….LASHLEY PULLS ROLLINS OFF OF AMBROSE! OUT OF NOWHERE, LASHLEY BEATS ON ROLLINS! NO! Lashley continually beats on Rollins, continuing pummeling him. He picks him up and delivers a HUGE spear in the middle of the ring. Throughout all of this Ambrose is pretty much out but starts to gather himself and realize what is happening. He crawls towards Rollins and puts an arm over him. 1…2…..3. Ambrose is still champion.

Winner AND STILL Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Lio Rush gets a table and brings it into the ring and Lashley puts Rollins through with a spine buster.


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