WWWE Raw Results (10/14): New Tag Team Champions, Seth Goes ‘Fiend Hunting,’ WWE Draft, More



October 14, 2019


Before the match begins, Becky Lynch takes to the microphone, saying she showed up tonight expecting to kick Sasha Banks all over Colorado, only to find out she can’t make it due to the last beating she gave her. Lynch added that while Banks is doing everything to avoid her, tonight’s opponent is someone she can’t seem to get rid of.

Lynch says the one thing she does know is that whenever they do wrestle, it is going to be a war, and that’s good because she came prepared for war and is ready to rip someone’s arm off.

The Queen then says that perhaps the nightmare will never end as she might get drafted to Raw and they will fight forever. Flair says she doesn’t want everyone to think she is selfish, as she doesn’t even want to fight Becky tonight, she just wants to be friends again.

Flair then says she misses Becky, but as Lynch goes towards her, Flair catches Becky with a big right hand and the two women begin brawling as officials end up coming down as they attempt to separate the two rivals.

Once everything is calmed down the match begins and Becky wastes no time in taking the fight towards her number one rival, launching her into several of the turnbuckles before throwing some kicks Flair’s way. However, the Queen turns things around and ends up yanking at Lynch’s neck on the top ropes.

Flair then throws her trademark chops before attempting a backslide which Lynch gets out of, managing to then get the upper hand by sending Charlotte across the ring until Flair catches Becky and simply rags her down onto the mat.

The two women continue to go back and forth until Lynch smashes Flair’s head into the top turnbuckle before kicking her off the apron to the outside. However, her attempted baseball slide to the outside misses and Flair ends up sending Lynch face-first into the ring post.

As we return from commercial it is the Man in complete control as she fires up with a dropkick as she then takes down Flair again, before catching her with some combination kicks. Lynch then heads to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick, but Flair kicks out just in time.

As Lynch continues her attack, Flair catches her legs and locks in the Boston Crab, but as she tries to transition into a Figure Four, Lynch dumps her out of the ring and follows it up by diving from the ring apron to the outside, catching Charlotte in the process.

Once again Lynch goes for a high-risk move but this time it fails as Flair has it scouted, resulting in Becky landing hard on her face as Charlotte follows up with Natural Selection, but Lynch kicks out. This time it is Flair looking to go to the top rope but Lynch pulls her away and tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her, yet Flair reverses and throws Becky head first into the bottom turnbuckle.

As Lynch gets back up she eats a huge big boot, yet the Raw Women’s Champion kicks out again. Lynch then shoves Flair into the turnbuckles and looks for a roll-up but Charlotte kicks out and instead, Becky plants her to the mat and hits a Leg Drop from the second rope, yet Charlotte is able to kick out.

Flair then sends Becky into the ropes with an Irish whip and as she bounces back the Queen rocks her with a Spear, but once again the Man is able to kick out just in time! However, as Flair acts frustrated, Lynch catches her not focusing with a quick roll-up to get the win and the first draft pick for the red brand tonight, after a very solid opening match.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Backstage, Charly Caruso is joined by Seth Rollins who mentions Bray Wyatt being drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, asking how he feels about possibly joining. Rollins says that today is a good day as it’s the draft day, and he thinks that Wyatt doesn’t give a damn about the draft.

He says he thought he put an end to him at Hell in a Cell because the place he went to isn’t something he is proud of, but he isn’t ashamed either. Rollins says he doesn’t know what it will take to stop him, and he says something clicked in him on Friday.

Rollins says that he is trying to move forward with his life, while The Fiend is picking his spots, but that ends tonight. Seth claims tonight he is going Fiend hunting, and he is going to end this tonight.

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