WWE Raw Results (10/21) Cain Velasquez Gets Physical, Street Profits Debut, Sin Cara v Andrade, More


October 21st 2019


We kick start WWE Raw tonight with the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer says in two-weeks his team is going to beat the hell out of Team Hogan and he says that Hogan showed his hand on Friday by showing the world his team.

Flair puts them over as great athletes, but he has the last hand as welcomes his fifth and final team member…Drew McIntyre! The Scottish Psychopath is back. McIntyre claims he has plenty to say, and he will when the time is right, but Flair asked for a favor and that has been granted.

Drew tells Ric Flair to sit down but warns that things could get uncomfortable as he gives a preview of what he will do at WWE Crown Jewel to all of Team Hogan.


We are wasting no time in getting down to the action tonight as two members of that upcoming 10-man tag team match are ready to break it down. McIntyre immediately reminds the world of his power by dumping Ricochet out of the ring, as he follows him outside and launches Ricochet into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Drew hits a huge chop that takes Ricochet off his feet as he follows up by stomping down on the One and Only. Ricochet attempts to fire back with a few shots but it just takes one forearm by Drew to get straight back in control as he follows up by Irish whipping Ricochet into the turnbuckle before launching him into the air as he bounces off.

McIntyre then ties Ricochet up on the ropes and begins to yank him back head first, pushing the five-count to its limit. Ricochet continues to try and fight back, but once again a big chop from Drew does the job, with Ricochet then trying to use his speed to his advantage.

Despite springboarding off the middle rope, Drew is able to just catch him and power him into the air, although Ricochet smartly reverses only to get elbowed out of the ring. As McIntyre plans an attack from the apron, Ricochet dives and takes him out feet first, following it up with a huge suicide dive to start building momentum.

Despite Ricochet’s impressive set of movies, after commercial, it is Drew in control due to him launching Ricochet headfirst into the ring apron. While the match continues, Ric Flair is being interviewed and he screams into the camera that he wants to see Hulk Hogan on Friday night on SmackDown as they have things to talk about.

Back to the action in the ring, Ricochet catches Drew with a big boot, and then smartly counters McIntyre’s attempt from the top rope with a big dropkick, giving himself a little breathing room. He continues that with a big standing shooting star press which he hits after a big springboard suplex, but Drew kicks out at one!

The former United States Champion then scales the top rope but Drew gets up, only to eat a boot in the face from his opponent. As Ricochet looks to fly again, McIntyre simply swats him down and then launches him over the ring with a huge buckle bomb which he follows up with a strong powerbomb, only for Ricochet to kick out.

As the two men exchange again, Drew manages to avoid a boot by Ricochet, only for him to hit another one on the turnaround as he then hits a big superkick which leads Drew to bounce from the ropes and get caught by Ricochet who plants Drew down.

He then climbs to the top rope and hits a perfect shooting star press, but somehow Drew kicks out to stop the pinfall! Once again Ricochet goes to the top rope but this time McIntyre avoids it and after catching his Recoil attempt, Drew simply dumps him outside.

McIntyre follows up by launching Ricochet into the ring post, shoulder first while Drew sets up for the Claymore Kick, which he hits perfectly, leaving Ricochet flat out.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Following the match, Drew continues his attack of Ricochet, planting him with a big DDT inside the ring which he follows up with a huge slam, face-first onto the steel steps.

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