WWE Raw Results (10/22): Roman Reigns Relinquishes Universal Title, Announcing Battle With Leukemia, New Champions & Major Heel Turn


Backstage, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre discuss last weeks issues with Ziggler thanking Drew for last week and Drew makes it clear that Braun needed them more than they did him and he states that he’s not afraid of Strowman as he is going Monster hunting.


The Boss starts the match off hot and in charge until some outside interference distracts her, providing an opening for Ruby Riott who begins trash talking Banks. Sasha responds with a big slap and a deep arm drag before catching Ruby with a knee that sends her to the outside, setting a stand-off to the women on the outside.

Back from commercial and Sasha Banks continues to show why she is one of the best, picking up the pace and building momentum with some clotheslines and a dropkick, which she follows with a running double knee in the corner.

Banks then hits the backstabber and attempts to lock in the Banks Statement and whilst she does that a brawl takes place on the outside between Bayley and Natalya and the other members of the Riott Squad. The babyfaces lose the battle and Banks is forced to help which lets Riott take advantage, hitting a Riott Kick and picking up a big win.

Winner: Ruby Riott


Triple H says a lot of big words have been thrown around lately, such as fear. But he claims it will take a lot more to instill fear in them than grabbing a Go Pro, going to a boiler room and making an idle threat. Shawn says another word that has been thrown about lately is nostalgia.

He says that is a polite way of saying old. Triple H says Halloween is number one at the box office right now, and two weeks ago they packed out Australia to see them. He thinks that maybe old is a polite way of saying that they are better and claims that the X has told people that they are better.

Triple H says there is another X that says they are better, there is another X that says the future is now and Shawn says guess what, they run that too, starting a big NXT chant. Triple H says they aren’t coming to make people laugh or for nostalgia, but they are coming to kick ass.

Shawn is about to drop the usual catchphrase and then the lights go, and the classic gong hits and a video package showing a graveyard takes over. Kane and Undertaker are shown claiming that pride goes before destruction, with Undertaker adding that the reunion will be the vessel of total annihilation.

Kane says that they can’t turn back the clock, and they can’t survive the Brothers Of Destruction and two graves are shown with Triple H and Shawn Michaels’ name on it, with Undertaker claiming their first match against them will be their last against anybody. Undertaker then states that they will never Rest In Peace.

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