WWE Raw Results (10/22): Roman Reigns Relinquishes Universal Title, Announcing Battle With Leukemia, New Champions & Major Heel Turn


It is announced that at WWE Crown Jewel Braun Strowman will go one on one with Brock Lesnar to determine the brand new Universal Champion.


Paul Heyman starts off by saying that tonight, he is a man whose thoughts and prayers are with Roman Reigns. He said it is humbling to be in the locker room tonight and be in the presence of such courage and greatness, adding that when he goes home and has to explain it to his children, he wants them to know it was about sacrifice.

He says the title deserves the best any champion has to offer it and the fans deserve to be able to point to the Universal Champion and say that is number one. He said until tonight we had the right to brag about that, so now what do we do?

Heyman says that Roman will be the first to tell you that the show must go on. Heyman says only one can stand and say they are the one to carry on the legacy of what Roman started and that sure as hell isn’t Braun Strowman. There is only one being worthy of the honor of being champion, worthy of walking into the octagon and laying the title down and saying “I am the best WWE has to offer and my name is… Brock Lesnar!”

Heyman says Lesnar doesn’t bill himself as a beast, he is a beast and that Strowman isn’t in Lesnar’s league as he isn’t even the same species as Lesnar. However, it appears Braun has heard enough! Strowman says the only words he needs to say is that he will beat his ass all over Crown Jewel and then he will bring it every Monday night.

Strowman adds that when Roman returns he will be the first in line to get a title opportunity but as for right now, Lesnar is going to “Get these hands!” However, when Strowman’s babyface turning promo is finished, he turns around into a huge Claymore from Drew McIntyre.

Following that Drew McIntyre is asked if he is worried about the repercussions of his actions, and he states that he isn’t. Drew said he isn’t scared of monsters, unlike most of the roster, and said that now he can focus on what actually matters, defending the Raw Tag Team Championships.


It’s concert time! Elias says last week Apollo Crews interrupted him and so he wrote a song about it, but before he gets the chance to do that, Apollo is here to do that once again. After a quick commercial break we return with Elias having a rest hold locked in and despite an attempt, Crews can’t get out of it.

Things quickly change after Crews manages to pick up the pace with a standing moonsault almost providing him with enough to win the match.  Elias then dumped Apollo to the outside and as he returned, caught him with a knee to the face which he followed up with the Drift Away in order to score a win.

Winner: Elias

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