WWE Raw Results (10/22): Roman Reigns Relinquishes Universal Title, Announcing Battle With Leukemia, New Champions & Major Heel Turn



After the break, we return and… Elias is back! He wants to sing his son but once again is cut off, this time by Baron Corbin. He states that there is a lot of things going on and that they don’t have time to accommodate the performance as what he has to say is more important.

Corbin adds that if Stephanie didn’t like him, he would be fired and then tells him to get off the stage. Elias claims he has just written another song and wants Corbin to shut his damn mouth. Elias begins singing until Corbin demands his microphone is cut-off.

Elias decides to leave the stage but then quickly returns and wraps his guitar around the back of the acting Raw General Manager, sending him to the floor.


Ronda hits the ring and both the Bella Twins leave straight away. Nikki says she is clearly here to fight, whilst they are there for a contract signing. Rousey says she didn’t come to beat them up tonight, but to sign a contract to ensure that it happens on Sunday.

Rousey adds that if either of the women could hurt her with her hands behind her back, her mother would be ashamed of her, giving them her word that she won’t touch them. Nikki begins to mock Ronda about her giving them her word.

Nikki says didn’t Ronda promise her mother she would win the Olympics, and win the World Championships just like she did. She said that she also promised to retire undefeated, so she wants to know if she gave her word for all those things, Nikki says Ronda’s mother is already ashamed of her.

Nikki says, imagine what she will think when a “DIVA” beats her for her title. Rousey picks up the pen and hands it to Nikki who signs the contract and then slaps the champion across the face. Rousey simply smiles, signs the contract and states that come Sunday, she will end her, and she gives Nikki her word.


Dean says there are no words to describe the ride the three of them have been on together, the ups and downs and everything in between. He says when you don’t know what to do or say, you do what you always do, win. Seth then says there are no words, but there are plenty of emotions and tonight they will become the new Raw Tag Team Champions for Roman, believe that.

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