WWE Raw Results (10/22): Roman Reigns Relinquishes Universal Title, Announcing Battle With Leukemia, New Champions & Major Heel Turn



The Scottish Psychopath starts out looking dominant but a quick double team by Rollins and Ambrose takes out both Ziggler and McIntyre as they dump the champions to the outside. Following a commercial Seth Rollins is still on fire and hits a huge suicide dive to take out McIntyre and Ziggler.

With Rollins dumping Dolph back into the ring Drew quickly pushes him off the top rope which allows Ziggler to hit a Famouser, but Rollins kicks out at two. McIntyre and Ziggler then do a great job of isolating Rollins but after finally dropping McIntyre to his knees he almost makes the tag, but Ziggler causes a distraction stopping it once again.

The Intercontinental Champion continues to battle and Superkicks Drew, setting up the tag but Dolph pulls Ambrose away before the tag can happen. Back from commercial and Ambrose has managed to tag in and rocks McIntyre with a neckbreaker whilst Rollins tags in and hits a Frog Splash, almost getting the victory.

Rollins then looks to go high risk again but Drew doesn’t let him, launching Rollins from the top rope, yet Ambrose then takes him out and whilst Ziggler tags in Rollins hits him with a superplex and then into a Falcon Arrow but Ziggler somehow kicks out, keeping this tag team title match alive.

Rollins then goes for The Stomp but misses and eventually launches Ziggler into McIntyre who is thrown out of the ring, but Dolph hits the Zig Zag after moments of chaos, yet this time it’s Rollins kicking out at the last second to a thunderous Yes chant from the fans.

The champions then look for their tag team finishing combo but Braun Strowman’s music hits! Rollins then gets sent into the referee by accident and Strowman stares down McIntyre as the two men begin brawling with Braun sending Drew outside of the ring as they brawl into the fans and then into the locker room area.

Ziggler, realizing he is alone looks to grab the titles as a weapon but Ambrose doesn’t allow him and Rollins hits The Stomp and we have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Winners (And New Raw Tag Team Champions): Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

A hugely emotional win for Ambrose and Rollins who capture the Raw Tag Team Championships as the WWE Universe goes wild. WHAT!

DIRTY DEEDS TO ROLLINS. Dean Ambrose turns heel, despite becoming champions with Rollins. Ambrose then continues his attack, beating down Rollins as Seth begs him to stop. Ambrose then exposes the concrete floor on the outside and drops Rollins with a huge Dirty Deeds to huge boos as he leaves through the crowd.

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