WWE Raw Results (10/28): Crown Jewel Go-Home Show, Lynch vs Sane, Lana Reveals Why She Left Rusev


October 28th, 2019


We kickstart tonight’s WWE Raw with the return of Paige! The former Divas Champion is back on television as she reminds us that she has been advising a special tag team, and she brings out The Kabuki Warriors. Paige continues saying that six months ago she introduced the world to this tag team.

Paige says she took both Sane and Asuka and brought them together, and she is thankful that they were able to work together, but as she continues trying to talk, Asuka simply rags the microphone from her and speaks out in Japanese.

Paige takes the microphone back but before she can carry on talking, Kairi Sane takes it from her and then throws it onto the floor, with Paige turning around and getting the green mist sprayed into her face by Asuka, with the tag team officially ditching Paige.

With Asuka starting to staredown Paige on the outside, Becky Lynch hits the ring to make the save for Paige, taking the fight to both women on the outside by herself until the numbers game catches up with her.


With things brought under control during the commercial break, the officially planned match finally gets underway, with Lynch taking the fight immediately to Sane, stomping away at her in the corner as she looks for the Becksploder until Sane battles out.

After taking a break on the outside, Sane gets some revenge and stomps away at Lynch in the corner as she then bounces her headfirst into several of the top turnbuckles, but she goes to the well one too many times and Lynch smartly reveres with some of her own, following it up with a bulldog.

However, as Lynch attempts to scale the turnbuckles, Sane rags away at Becky’s feet, planting her to the mat as she throws several chops towards the Raw Women’s Champion, who eventually retaliates with several hip tosses, eventually locking in a submission to the arm of Sane.

Once again though Kairi bolts to the outside and as she attempts to hit a suicide dive, Asuka jumps up to the ring to try and distract her, allowing Sane to crawl under the ring. As Becky goes searching for her, Sane dives from the stairs towards Lynch, only to be caught by a big clothesline.

However, Lynch doesn’t get to stay on top for long as Kairi smartly kicks her away, with Becky falling straight into the steel steps on the outside. As we return from commercial, it is the former Mae Young Classic winner in control, catching Lynch with a knee strike directly to the jaw.

Sane then throws several strikes towards Becky which results in her doing exactly the same, until Sane goes for a roll-up which leads to an innovative kick out as she follows it up with several big clotheslines and a kick to the jaw of her own.

Lynch then continues her attack, keeping the momentum going with a Becksploder, but Sane is able to kick out and she then showcases an incredible transition, planting Becky facefirst into the mat as she then turns it into a brilliant leg submission.

Becky gets out once again and launches herself into Kairi as the two women are laid out on the mat, totally spent. After getting to their feet, Sane once again shows a brilliant counter to plant Lynch face-first into the mat, but somehow The Man kicks out.

As Kairi then scales to the top rope, Lynch is able to meet her there but gets sent back down with a headbutt. Sane ends up being too cocky and waits too long to capitalise though as Lynch launches her to the mat and follows it up with a leg drop of her own, but Sane kicks out.

Lynch then puts her focus on Asuka to stop her getting involved, hitting a running knee off the apron to take her down, but as she gets back in the ring Kairi Sane catches Lynch with a massive backhand, although Lynch kicks out once again.

With Sane looking to continue her attack, Lynch smartly reverses and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her to get a submission after a very good opening match.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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