WWE Raw Results (10/7): Tyson Fury And Braun Strowman Brawl, Viking Raiders Score Big Win, More


October 7, 2019






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We kick off tonight’s WWE Raw with the in-ring action already starting as Randy Orton and King Corbin attack Rusev until he fights them off. However, as soon as he does that, Bobby Lashley appears on the titantron, stating he doesn’t look like he’s having a good time.

Bobby then says he is wearing Rusev’s robe, and he is at Rusev’s house, as he gets undressed and gets into Rusev’s room, saying that he is missing something that Rusev is also missing a lot, as Lana appears as she then gets into bed with Lashley.

Lana says that everything they own is now in their name, and they don’t have joint accounts anymore, with Lashley saying he should have spent more money on Lana rather than to his family in Bulgaria. They then turn the lights out in the bedroom and the focuses is back on the ring.

After seeing that, Rusev loses his cool and he goes out and attacks both King Corbin and Randy Orton, launching Baron into the steel stairs as Orton goes flying into the barricade. Rusev then picks up the stairs and hits both men with them.

Rusev sends the Viper headfirst into the ring post as he then hits Corbin with a massive Machka Kick, which is a fate that Orton then suffers from as well.


Before the match, Lacey Evans says it appears we are at the end of the road, where the trash is taken out for removal. She says there is only one place this conflict has to go, which is a last lady standing match, claiming that Natalya will be taken out like the trash she is.

When the bell rings Natalya wastes no time in going right to Evans with some big right hands as she dumps her out of the ring and then launches Evans into the barricade, following it with a big slap. Nattie then hits a suplex to Lacey on the outside and as they get back in the ring she follows it up with a discus clothesline.

Nattie continues her pure dominance of the match as she locks in the Sharpshooter, although that will have no impact here given the stipulation. Evans eventually gets in some offence of her own with a sharp kick as she then rags Natalya down to the mat.

For some reason, Natalya stays down until nine from that move and when she pops up she takes the attack right to Evans again, but as she attempts a baseball slide out of the ring Evans catches her and swings Nattie into the barricade.

Lacey Evans then teases going for a table but she opts to throw it back under the ring instead, grabbing Natalya and launching her into the steps as we head to commercial. Back on WWE Raw, Evans launches Natalya into the timekeeping area as she lands awkwardly on the chair.

The former NXT Superstar then wields a kendo stick and starts unleashing on the back of Natalya. As she just about manages to break the count again, Evans sends Nattie crashing head-first into the ring post, but Natalya gets up once more.

Evans then places Natalya onto a chair and traps her with a kendo stick under the arms, kicking her to the floor as she finds it hard to get out of the trap. However, Nattie does manage to break free, only for Evans to attack her with the kendo stick once again.

Natalya then smartly grabs the kendo stick and slides underneath, flipping Evans over as she then gets to use the weapon, but Evans wastes no time in taking it back away from her. Evans then gets the trash can from earlier, launching it at Natalya as she throws the rubbish from inside it onto Natalya’s face.

The Sassy Southern Belle then hops onto the barricade and hits a moonsault to Natalya, but once again she answeres the count, only to be sent back-first onto the ramp. Evans then carries on her attack, throwing Nattie up the ramp as she then slides back down to be sent towards the commentary area.

The two women then end up on the announce table as Evans suplexes Natalya, who bounces off the table. Despite Evans’ dominance, Nattie is able to get herself a break and then somehow manages to power up Evans and powerbombs her off the stage and through a table to get the victory.

Winner: Natalya

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