WWE Raw Results (11/12): Smackdown Women Invade Raw, Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch Proves She is THE MAN



THE BEAST IS HERE! The new Universal Champion makes his way to the ring alongside Paul Heyman.

Ladies & Gentlemen…My Name is PAUL HEYMAN…and he is the advocate for the ONLY 2-Time reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion…BROCK LESNAR. Paul Heyman says congratulations to Braun Strowman for being an ALMOST unbeatable monster after FIVE F5’s.

He also congratulates the Smackdown Roster for avoiding the beating that is about to be dolled out to the WWE Champion. The crowd chants for AJ Styles a lot and Brock looks pissed. Paul Heyman says the crowd chants for AJ Styles because they believe that AJ Styles has a fighting chance after what he did last year.

He says that there is no one in WWE, NXT, even at UFC that Brock Lesnar wants more than AJ Styles thanks to his performance last year. There is not one person that he wants to beat more than AJ Styles, and at the end of it all, the Champion of champions…Brock Lesnar.

Out comes…Jinder Mahal? He says that last year AJ Styles stole the match away from him that he should have had so he is going to come as a friend to Brock Lesnar to show him his mantra. Brock invites him in and Jinder chants SHANTI over and over until Brock clotheslines Mahal and suplexes the Singh brothers over and over and over brutally until no one can stand. He proceeds to F5 Jinder on the floor outside.

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Lio Rush says that Bobby Lashley is a work of art and tells him to strike his favorite pose. He bends over and moons the crowd over and over and we hear the strum of the great Elias.

Elias is at the top of the stage and the crowd chants Walk with Elias. Elias busts out the phone and says “Hello, I am Elias” and he says that he is on the phone with child protective services. He says that Bobby Lashley is in the ring with a child he kidnapped weeks ago. He says that he is forcing him to point to his backside over and over, but he has no idea why. Lashley gets on the mic and calls him a clown and dares him to come down to teh ring and say this to his face. Elias comes down and plays a tune on his guitar, asking the crowd “WHO WANTS TO WALK WITH ELIAS?!”

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