WWE Raw Results (11/12): Smackdown Women Invade Raw, Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch Proves She is THE MAN



Lashley hits Elias with some right hands but Elias comes back with a surprise clothesline. Lashley stands up in the corner and Elias hits Lashley with aggressive rights. Lio Rush gets up and Elias takes him right back down. Elias throws Lashley to the outside. and throws him right into the ring post. He goes to throw Lashley into the steel steps.

The referee starts his 10 count and Elias throws Lashley in at 6. He starts to make his way in the ring, but LIo Rush grabs the feet of Elias and the referee reaches his 10 count.

Winner: Lashley

Lashley advances to be the final member of the Survivor Series team for Raw and Elias is pissed. He slams Lashley into the barricade and proceeds to throw Lio Rush over the top rope to the outside.

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Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team Captain Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring alongside Mickie James, Tamina, & Nia Jax. Alexa announces that the three women with her are in the Survivor Series matchup along with Natalya for the aggression she showed earlier tonight. The women in the next match will decide who advances to be the final woman on the team.

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