WWE Raw Results (11/26): Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge, AOP Defend Raw Tag Titles, Lashley Walks With Elias & More


November 26th, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show and acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin is already in the ring along with Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush, & Drew McIntyre. Corbin welcomes us to WWE Raw. He says that while he’s sure that everyone there stuffed their faces with carbs over Thanksgiving, they don’t do that because they treat their bodies like temples. Lashley says he’s thankful for all the Beta-Males that don’t take what they want like they do. And McIntyre says that he is thankful for the brutal beating that they gave Braun Strowman last week.

Corbin says that Strowman will be out for a long long time. He says that Strowman is being prepped for surgery, and he shows a video which shows Strowman’s arm black and blue. But he would rather be in Milwaukee to give payback to the slimeballs that did this to him. But his surgeon says that he’s going to be on the shelf for a little bit. He says that he will be back at 100%, so he hopes that Corbin, McIntyre, and Lashley enjoy their holidays because when he comes back, they’re all going to GET THESE HANDS.

Corbin says that there is no way that Braun Strowman will be able to compete at TLC, which is too bad because their match is STILL ON! He says that when Strowman fails to show up, he is the new permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw. He says that the Raw superstars will either be on the right side of history or the wrong side. He says that the superstars in the locker room need to start calling him General Manager Elect.

We hear the strum of a guitar and the lights go out and when they come back on….

Hello I am Elias…..

Elias says that he couldn’t sit back there any longer and listen to Corbin’s annoying voice, he needed to listen to this riff. He says that he has been all around the world and he sees that Corbin, McIntyre, and Lashley can’t get it through their heads that WWE stands for….WALK WITH ELIAS!!!

Elias says that anyone would be a better GM than Corbin, even Lio Rush, but that would violate child labor laws. He says that he has a song for Bobby Trashley. He sings a song about Bobby Lashley sucking. Elias makes his way to the ring go one on one with Lashley.


Lashley starts off by dominating Elias, hitting rights and lefts, then clotheslining him to the ground. Lashley locks in a sleeper on Elias, grounding him, but Elias starts to fight back. Elias gets whipped into the corner, and then Lashley charges and runs into a back elbow from Elias. Lashley desperately tosses Elias out of the ring, right where Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin are. Elias gets up and gets distracted by Drew and Corbin, but gets on the apron. The time gave Lashley long enough to recover and push Elias right into the post.

Elias gets back into the ring and hits Lashley with a surprise knee and then climbs to the top! Elias hits the elbow! Elias goes for the cover….1………2……..Lio Rush pulls the referee out of the ring! The ref has no choice but to ring the bell and stop the match. Corbin gets on the mic and tells the ref to restart the match as a no disqualification match!

The match restarts and Elias gets his guitar to defend himself but Corbin grabs it and nails Elias with a steel chair to the back. Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre begin to take it to Elias, throwing Elias into the barricade. Drew picks up Elias and hits a reverse Alabama Slam right onto the steel steps, and Elias is OUT. Lashley throws him back into the ring and gives a nonchalant cover to pick up the victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, the three men pose in the middle of the ring.

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