WWE Raw Results (11/26): Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge, AOP Defend Raw Tag Titles, Lashley Walks With Elias & More



Alexa Bliss is backstage with Baron Corbin, and she says that she is impressed by him. She tells Corbin that she is willing to do anything to help him out. Corbin says that he DOES have a lot on his plate…so he offers to Alexa to oversee the ENTIRE women’s division. Alexa is shocked, and she says that she would love to. Corbin tells her that if she looks good, he looks good. It’s that simple.


Dean Ambrose is at a doctor’s office and says he will not be in a dump like Milwaukee. He says that he doesn’t want to risk catching anything because them, like Rollins, are vermin. He says he feels he needs something to fight the diseases. The doctor gives him a rabies shot, and he says that he would not go to Houston next week without a rabies shot.

He says that Rollins is a lost cause and at TLC he will do the decent, merciful thing: put Rollins out of his misery for good.

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The Revival come out and say that the Lucha House Party don’t respect tag team wrestling. They say they demanded this rematch, because if they don’t respect tradition, they don’t belong in the division.

Jojo announces that the match will indeed contested under Lucha House Party Rules (3-on-2 handicap match). Gran Metalik bounces off the rope and gives a big arm drag to Dash Wilder. Scott Dawson is in, and Kalisto is tagged in as well, and Dawson puts Kalisto in a reverse torture rack. Wilder is back in and he puts Kalisto in the Gory Special.

Kalisto breaks free and runs toward his corner and Gran Metalik comes in, and apparently the Lucha House Party Rules involves no tags! Metalik comes in and springboards onto Dawson. Kalisto is back in and hits Salida Del Sol. Kalisto hits a swanton, and then Lince Dorado hits a Shooting Star to pick up the victory.

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