WWE Raw Results (11/26): Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge, AOP Defend Raw Tag Titles, Lashley Walks With Elias & More



Jinder Mahal starts to hit No Way Jose with several kicks and then says “shanti” over and over to to calm himself. No Way Jose gets a roll up to surprise Mahal, but Mahal kicks out and kicks Jose right in the face. Mahal begins to punish Jose with forearms to the back of the head.

Mahal picks up Jose and hits a vertical suplex and goes for a cover, and Jose barely kicks out at two. Mahal locks in a sleeper and Jose is fading and fading fast. Jose fights up and hits a couple of strikes in the midsection of Jinder. Jose climbs to the middle rope and hits a cross body. Jose runs at Jinder, and Jinder sidesteps and launches Jose into the ropes, then nails the Khallas to pick up the victory.

Winner: Jinder Mahal


Seth Rollins comes out and it’s time for the Intercontinental Championship Open! He says he has not been himself lately, and it’s time to be a fighting champion once again. He says that he is done chasing Dean Ambrose. He says that Ambrose says he is not there tonight, but he believes that Ambrose is there somewhere, lurking. But either way, he is going to forget about that, and the open challenge is LIVE!

Out comes Dolph Ziggler, who says he’s glad that Rollins is going back to being Seth Rollins, because then he goes back to being the best in the world, and he’s going to do it by taking his Intercontinental Championship.


Dolph starts the match with a headlock on Seth, looking to slow down the Kingslayer. Seth bounces him off the ropes and then leapfrogs over Ziggler. Rollins delivers an armdrag to Ziggler and then clotheslines him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Ziggler is able to lock in another DEEP headlock and then turns it into a sleeper. Rollins continuously tries to fight out, but he unsuccessful. Rollins finally stands up, but Ziggler puts him right back down with a picture perfect dropkick. Ziggler starts to rake at the eyes of Rollins. Dolph puts in another sleeper. Rollins fights out again and then Ziggler sends Rollins out of the ring, crashing and burning.

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Back in the ring, Ziggler is send hard into the turnbuckle, but comes out on fire and uncorks a clothesline on Ziggler. Ziggler gets to the top rope and Ziggler runs at him, Rollins goes up and over, and then hits a step up Enziguri to Ziggler. Seth gets onto the apron and then hits a springboard clothesline, taking out Ziggler. Rollins goes for the cover, but Ziggler kicks out.

Rollins once again goes to the top rope, and it looks like he’s going to set up for the frog splash, but ZIggler cuts him off and Seth falls in a precarious position on the top rope. Ziggler goes a a superplex , but Rollins cuts him off and pushes him to the mat. Rollins takes to the skies and goes for the frog splash, but Ziggler moves out of the way and Rollins crashes and burns. Ziggler takes advantage and nails a fameasser! Ziggler goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out. Ziggler jumps on the back of Rollins once again and locks in a deep sleeper. Rollins garners some strength and falls to his back, takes out Ziggler. He follows it up with a kick right to the side of the face of Ziggler and goes for the cover, but Ziggler kicks out at two.

Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp, but Dolph evades and he hits the Zig Zag! Ziggler goes for a cover, but Rollins kicks out at 2!! Rollins gets up and he tries to roll up Ziggler, but Ziggler breaks free and Ziggler hits his jumping spike DDT. Ziggler climbs to the top rope and Rollins cuts him off and Rollins hits the superplex and then the Falcon Arrow and picks up the victory!!!

Winner AND STILL Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins

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