WWE Raw Results (1/13): Seth Rollins Gains A New Disciple, Contract Signing, Brock Lesnar, More!



The two men begin throwing hands right from the bell going back and forth until Rusev picks up the pace, hitting a shoulder tackle and then a spinning heel kick. The Bulgarian Brute continued his attack in the corner, throwing some huge fists to Bobby Lashley, then following it up with a big clothesline as he continues to dominate.

Rusev continues to dominate the match early on, hitting a suplex in the middle of the ring, wasting no motion as he sends Lashley into the corner and follows it up with a cannonball. Lashley goes to the outside to regroup, and that works for him as Rusev tries to attack him, only to receive a thumb to the eye.

Lashley then sends Rusev to the outside and charges around the ring, connecting with a mammoth Spear on the outside. As we return from commercial, Bobby Lashley is in firm control of the match, hitting a big bodyslam to Rusev.

Lashley then begins focusing on the legs of Rusev, wrapping his left knee around the ring post. Once again Lashley lifts up Rusev but this time he battled out and manages to catch Bobby with a big boot as he then sidesteps the attack in the corner as Lashley crashes into the ring post.

Rusev then begins throwing some massive right hands and then a Samoan Drop for good measure. Rusev then charges into the corner and follows it up with a huge belly to belly suplex. Lashley manages to hit a German Suplex of his own, but Rusev brushes it off and instantly drops his opponent with a Machka Kick!

Rusev then goes for the Accolade and Lana provides a distraction on the outside which allows Lashley to get out of it and attack the injured leg as they both hit a double clothesline. With both men down, Liv Morgan marches her way down to ringside and stares down Lana.

However, as they trash talk each other, Lana takes the drink from a fan and throws it at Liv’s face as Lana then launches her into the barricade. While that is going on, the distraction proves to be vital as Rusev is caught by a massive Spear from Lashley as he picks up the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Charly Caruso is about to give some breaking news when she is interrupted by Bobby Lashley and Lana, with Bobby stating he has proven himself to be the bigger and better man, they still have a bigger problem to deal with.

Lana calls Liv Morgan a stalker, saying she is glad that Lashley dealt with Rusev, but they have another issue. Lana then gives out an open challenge, for a mixed tag team match next week between them and Rusev and Liv Morgan.


The Raw Tag Team Champions cut a promo prior to the match, saying their dare any team to try and stop them. So, who’s going to step up…The Singh Brothers.

Before the match begins the two men dance on the outside until The Viking Raiders head outside and grab them, hitting them against each other as they then get into the ring and dominate, picking up a quick squash victory.

Winners: Viking Raiders

Backstage, Liv Morgan and Rusev are shown, with Rusev calling them both a waste of breath. He accepts the match as Liv Morgan then gives a promise, saying that she is the living embodiment of Lana’s karma, who is an honest to god bitch.

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