WWE Raw Results (1/13): Seth Rollins Gains A New Disciple, Contract Signing, Brock Lesnar, More!



Jerry Lawler first brings out the champion, Becky Lynch and asks her if she has anything to say, but The Man just sits down and awaits her challenger. Asuka hits the ring and immediately starts screaming Japanese at Becky as Kairi Sane begins poking her with the umbrella to wind her up until she launches it out of the ring.

Asuka then gets down to business and signs the contract and while Becky Lynch hesitates, she does eventually sign as well. Lynch then says may the best woman win, to which Asuka responds by spraying the green mist into her eyes.

With mist all over her face, Becky grabs the microphone as she says that Asuka is hungry and angry while she has become happy and content. She says she has tried to find an anger to defend herself against her, but when someone puts their hands on her, it brings out an anger in her.

She doesn’t care if she’s walking into the buzzsaw and she doesn’t mind if she’s going down but she will go down swinging and promises she will take Asuka with her.


After it is announced that next week Rey Mysterio will challenge for the United States Championship in a ladder match, Andrade puts over her client’s talent and ability in a backstage promo.

Rey Mysterio is then shown in a different interview, he says that he’s being accused of not being worthy of representing his Latino people. Rey says that Andrade thinks he can get away with anything, but he loves the idea of a ladder match and he is prepared to sacrifice as he understands the dangers. Mysterio then promises he is going to take back the United States Championship next week.


Straight away the two men go face to face and Aleister Black rocks Black with a huge backhand as he then begins lighting up Murphy with several kicks to the chest. Murphy heads to the outside but Aleister slides through and continues the attack on the outside.

The two men then brawl on the outside with Murphy slamming Black into the ramp as he continues the attack, slamming Black all over the ringside area. Murphy then sends Black into the timekeeper’s area and tries to leap from the barricade, but Black catches him first with a kick that sees Buddy slam into the barricade himself.

The two men take things back to the ring, but Buddy manages to catch Black with a dropkick that sends Black’s head ricocheting off the ring post.

As we return from commercial, Blac manages to turn things around, nailing Murphy with a huge knee that sends him flying into the timekeeper area. They then get back into the ring as Black lights up Murphy with some strikes and kicks and then a springboard moonsault.

Black then manages to hit a huge knee to the face of Buddy, but he is somehow able to kick out. Black then gets caught on the second rope though with a huge kick of Murphy’s. But Murphy takes too long climbing the turnbuckle himself and Black runs and kicks him off as he flies into the barricade below.

Murphy and Black then create an amazing exchange of strikes as they go back and forth, with Murphy hitting a smart kick to respond to the springboard moonsault. Murphy quickly follows it up with Murphy’s Law, seemingly having the match won, but Black manages to get his foot on the rope!

Murphy then looks to hit Black Mass himself, but gets rocked by one himself with Aleister Black this time seemingly having the job done, until Murphy kicks out! However, Buddy has no fight left and gets to his knees, asking for more, which Aleister happily does with another Black Mass.

Winner: Aleister Black

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