WWE Raw Results (1/13): Seth Rollins Gains A New Disciple, Contract Signing, Brock Lesnar, More!



Prior to the match, Charly Caruso goes over to Buddy Murphy, who remains sat at ringside, stunned following his loss. She asks to get his thoughts, but he doesn’t want to talk right now.


Erick Rowan immediately sends his opponent to the outside and launches him over to the barricade. Rowan goes to open the cage, but whatever is inside hurts him and causes his hand to bleed. This only angers Rowan as he hits the Iron Claw to get the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

AOP and Seth Rollins jump Big Show during his entrance, attacking the big man three on one, however, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins quickly make their way to the ring with kendo sticks in hand to level the playing fields. Seth Rollins tries to use the weapon against Big Show, but he snaps it in half and sets up a table in the corner.

AOP brawl with Owens and Joe at the top of the ramp while Big Show is sent into the ring post by Seth Rollins. However, back on the stage Kevin Owens smartly runs up the ramp of the stage and dives off with the cannonball, with an amazing move!

Samoa Joe doesn’t want to be outdone though, as he puts Akam through a table. Back to the ringside area and Big Show launches Seth Rollins into the barricade where Buddy Murphy is still sat. The two men look at each other as Rollins pleaads to be helped.

With Show then hitting a Chokeslam he sets up the KO punch until Buddy Murphy hits him with a low blow. The two of them then work together to put Big Show through a table while AOP rise and destroy both Joe and KO through a table.

Rollins then looks to hit a Stomp to Big Show but he reverses and sends Murphy out of the ring as well. However, Big Show then decides to try and climb the top rope, which is a bad move as AOP work together to powerbomb him in the ring.

Seth then manages to hit the Stomp and with all three men down, the fist fight has come to an end, with Rollins and AOP getting the victory, with an assist from Murphy.

Winners: Seth Rollins & AOP

After the match Seth opens his arms to embrace Buddy Murphy and he walks into it as they hug. It seems like Seth Rollins has gained himself a fourth member!

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