WWE Raw Results (11/4): NXT Invades Raw, Rey Mysterio Attacks Brock Lesnar, Cole vs Rollins, More


November 4th, 2019


We kick start WWE Raw by seeing three cars drive into the backstage area of the building with Triple H getting out and then whispering into the window of another one. It looks like we will be seeing some WWE NXT talent tonight!


It looks like Triple H isn’t the only big name in the building tonight either, as WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar is also here, making his return to the red brand after quitting Friday Night SmackDown last week.

Paul Heyman reminds the fans that Lesnar had enough of SmackDown and has quit the show and come to Raw in order to hunt down Rey Mysterio. Heyman says that after the WWE Draft Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss went to SmackDown, leaving two future draft picks for the show.

However, Heyman reveals that because of Brock’s contract, he can quit a show and do whatever he wants because he has leverage, and he can do whatever he wants to do. He does point out that no other WWE Superstar can do that, but that is the power of Lesnar’s contract, and that WWE cannot fire Brock.

Heyman then moves on to the topic of Rey Mysterio, stating that somebody knows where Rey is, and there isn’t anyone tough enough in the locker room to stop him, including Rey. Paul says that when someone rats out Rey, Brock is going to commit a felony, or he is going to turn the entire arena upside down, promising that tonight will be the funeral of Mysterio’s career.

The WWE cameras then follow Brock to the back where he assaults a member of the crew, screaming out, wanting to know where the Master of 619 is. Brock then goes on to almost rip a car door off its hinges after being told Mysterio was inside, as the search continues.


It’s time for our first piece of in-ring action for the evening and it is tag team wrestling for the women’s division as the Women’s Tag Team Champions take on the duo of Charlotte Flair and Natalya, who starts the match against Kairi Sane.

Nattie showcases her strength early, lifting up Sane, spinning her around before planting her down on the mat, but she quickly makes a tag to Asuka, who manages to lock in the Ankle Lock briefly. Natalya then brings in Charlotte Flair who drags Asuka straight down to the mat.

Flair tries to suplex Asuka but she manages to hold on, with Kairi then getting involved, but Nattie is quick to enter as the new duo hit double suplexes on their opponents. As we return from commercial though, it is Asuka in control with a chin lock, but as she breaks out she gets into a battle of power with Nattie and loses out as the Hart family member shoulders Asuka to the ground.

The former Royal Rumble winner makes the decision to go to the outside with Natalya giving chase, but that proves to be a poor decision as Asuka catches her with a huge kick to the face.  Sane then gets back into the match and stays in control, hitting a dropkick to Nattie, but she makes a rookie error of trying to wind up Flair, which allows Natalya to make the tag due to the distraction.

Charlotte wastes no time in taking the fight to Sane, lighting her up with several chops before launching Kairi across the ring with a fallaway slam and then natural selection. But just as she goes for the pin, Asuka smartly puts her partner’s foot onto the ropes to break it up.

Flair doesn’t take kindly to that though as she goes out and drags Asuka into the ring before taking her out with a big boot. Flair then lines them up together and hits her classic moonsault on both women, but Asuka gets involved again to break up the pinfall and then hangs up the Queen on the ropes while the official is checking on Kairi.

After another commercial, we return to the action with Kairi Sane remaining in control, but as she attempts to continue the attack in the corner she is flattened with a huge kick to the face and Charlotte finally makes the hot tag.

Natalya enters the match hot, hitting a Russian leg sweep and then a huge clothesline to Asuka, following it up with a great suplex but as she aims to lock in the Sharpshooter, Asuka smartly counters into a brilliant Arm Bar, but Natalya then counters and locks in the Sharpshooter.

However, Kairi then gets involved again, breaking up the submission only to eat a Spear for her troubles as Nattie locks in the Sharpshooter once more, forcing the champion to tap!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Natalya

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