WWE RAW Results (12/4): Roman Reigns Defends, Tag Team Title Rematch, Matt Hardy “Awakens”


Jordan has taken control of Roman Reigns, and is working on his arm, wrenching on it with an arm bar. Roman escapes by hitting Jordan with some headbutts and forces Jordan into the turnbuckle and hits several clothesline before bouncing Jordan off the rope and hits him with a boot. Jordan on the mat, and Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, but Jordan counters with a beautiful dropkick, stunning Reigns and pinning Reigns, but Reigns is able to kick out at two!

Jordan has control, but Reigns is able to turn it around and toss Jordan to the outside. Reigns goes to hit Jordan with a Superman Punch off the steps but Jordan catches Reigns in midair and rams Reigns into the steel steps. Reigns is stunned again, and Jordan once again rams Reigns into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Jordan has control and bounces Reigns off the ropes. Reigns goes for another Superman Punch (3rd attempt so far), but Jordan is able to duck and hit Reigns with a belly to back suplex, flattening the Intercontinental Champion.

Jordan gives Reigns a belly to belly over the ropes to the outside and goes over with Reigns, and Jordan may have tweaked his knee once again. Reigns starts to target the knee back in the ring, and locks in a half crab on the injured knee. Jordan is writing in pain and drags himself to the rope several times, but Reigns continues pulling Jordan back. Jordan is able to roll through the crab and put Reigns in a pinning predicament, but Reigns kicks out at two. Jordan hits Reigns with three BEAUTIFUL Northern Lights suplexes, on one leg, ending with a bridge pin, but Reigns again able to kick out at two. Jordan and Reigns stagger to their feet, and Jordan goes to hit Reigns with another suplex, but Reigns takes Jordan down with a headlock takeover. Back on their feet, Reigns hits Jordan with a Superman Punch and follows it up with a spear to pick up the victory.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Roman Reigns

After the match, Samoa Joe tells Roman that he looks tired and that the kid wore him out. He says that he is going to come to the ring and finish what the kid started and put Roman Reigns to sleep. Joe makes his way down to the ring and Reigns and Joe start to go at it, but Joe is too much for an exhausted Reigns. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and starts to choke out Reigns, but Jason Jordan comes to Reigns’ rescue and hits Joe with a belly-to-back suplex, sending Joe out of the ring. Jordan stares down Joe, and out of nowhere, Reigns thanks Jordan for his help against Joe by hitting him with a Superman Punch from behind, knocking Jordan out of the ring.


Backstage we see Angle on the phone with Stephanie saying that tempers were flared, and that we will see everything get under control. Jordan enters the room and demands another match with Reigns, as he was THAT close, but first, he wants Samoa Joe. Angle asks Jordan who he thinks he is, just demanding things. He can’t give favoritism to him, but he will give the match some thought. Just then, Joe comes in and attacks Jordan and slams him into the wall, leaving him laying. Joe says “like father, like son” and leaves the room.

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PAIGE (with Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose) vs. SASHA BANKS

Paige returns to action for the first time in over a year, and Alexa Bliss is on commentary. It’s BOSS TIME and Sasha is not alone, she is accompanied by Bayley and Mickie James. The two women begin the match by slapping each other in the face, and Paige knocks down Banks and screams in classic Paige fashion.

Sasha takes control and hits a Lou Thesz press, knocking Paige to the mat. She starts to hit stomps on Paige, but Paige comes back and starts to toss Sasha around the ring. She begins to choke Sasha against the ring ropes and then puts her on the mat and bends Sasha backwards in a rear chin lock. Sasha tries to get out, but Paige knocks Sasha to the ground. She clubs Sasha with more forearms to the back, and tries to continue the slowed down pace, but Sasha counters into a roll up, but Paige quickly kicks out and knocks Sasha to the ground again. Paige tries to kick Sasha, but Sasha catches it and delivers a kick of her own. Sasha climbs to the top and hits a cross body to Paige and gets a two count.

Sasha locks in a submission of her own, essentially choking Paige with her own arms, but Paige is able to make it to the ropes, near her team members who start to hype her up. Paige explodes up and tackles Sasha, but Sasha turns it around and starts to deliver fists of her own. Paige and Sasha back on their feet, and Paige goes for a body slam, but Sasha reverses it and goes for her Bank Statement, but Paige is able to force Sasha and herself with the momentum to the outside.

Back in the ring, Paige with another submission, eventually puts Sasha on the second rope an hits Sasha with a kick. She picks up Sasha and hits one of her trademark headbutts. Sasha gets whipped to the corner by Paige and hits Paige with a big boot. Sasha puts Paige on the top rope and goes to hit her with a superplex, but Paige is able to counter with a HUGE sunset flip powerbomb with Sasha landing high on the back of her neck. Both women exhausted make their way back to their feet and start trading right hands. Sasha was unsuccessful in trying her Bank Statement and Paige unsuccessfully goes for her Ram-Paige, but the woman who gets the upper hand is Sasha who locks in her Bank Statement. Paige barely gets out of it and reaches the ropes.

Outside, things get heated up and Deville, Rose, Bayley, and James start to go to war. Sasha, distracted, turns around to a big kick from Paige, and follows it up with a Ram-Paige and picks up the victory.

Winner: Paige

After the match, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose come in and begin to attack Sasha Banks, who was already on the mat. Absolution poses on the top of the ramp as Bayley and Mickie James check on their fallen friend.

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