WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Bobby Lashley says he knows nothing about AOP, but he knows he was about to beat Kevin Owens and all he cares about is that Lana is okay. Lana says she is tired of being booed and points out she has had to pay for detectives.

However, as she continues to talk, Rusev hits the ring and catches Lashley with a Machka Kick as he beats down on Lashley and gets out of the ring before the detectives (who were utterly useless) get into the ring.

After the beatdown, Lashley questions the detectives and he ends up barging past them, which leads the detectives to arrest Lashley! Lana then decides to scream at them and ends up slapping one of the detectives so guess what? She’s getting arrested as well!


Straight away Drew McIntyre dominates Akira Tozawa and drops to his knees to be on a similar height as he mocks the former 205 Live star. But he doesn’t take kindly to that and hits a quick basement dropkick before sending Drew to the outside and following up with a diving headbutt.

However Drew quickly regains dominance, picking up Akira by his feet as he flings him back over his head and down into the floor head-first. Drew then lights up Tozawa with a chop that WALTER would be proud of as he then tosses him overhead and across the ring.

Tozawa continues to fight though, catching Drew with a kick to the head as he then flies from the top rope with a basement dropkick. Tozawa then looks for a roll-up win but as they get back and bounce from the ropes he is sent flying with a massive Claymore Kick.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


McIntyre then gets on the microphone and says the locker room likes to be cryptic on social media when they complain, letting everyone guess about it. But Drew says he is direct and he calls out Randy Orton because he has a problem with him.

Randy eventually comes out and then turns his back on Drew, who demands Orton looks at him while he talks. Drew says Randy walks around like he owns the place and has no respect for the rules, and he always has. McIntyre says he gets it as he puts over his accomplishments, but says it doesn’t give him a right to speak to him like a child.

Drew says the Randy Orton of 2019, the only thing he is the most ferocious at is posting on social media. But he is Drew McIntyre, he is bigger and stronger than Orton and he is the most ferocious man in WWE today. McIntyre claims that Orton is the past and he is the future.

The Viper says there isn’t a Drew McIntyre-Randy Orton problem, but there is a McIntyre-reality problem. He says he does whatever he wants because he has earned the right to do so, but as far as he is concerned he is cool, but if Drew thinks they have a problem then they should solve it right now.

But before anything physical begins, The O.C. arrives. Luke Gallows says that Orton ruins lives as Karl Anderson says that Orton is solely responsible for AJ losing the United States Championship last week, as Styles says he is not okay.

Styles says what would make his mood better is getting his hands on Randy Orton and Drew takes this opportunity to leave, as it isn’t his problem. The O.C. then surround the ring and they quickly dominate the Viper using the numbers game.

Ricochet then tries to make the save, but he is then beaten down and Humberto Carrillo then hits the ring and he is followed by Rey Mysterio as the numbers advantage changes. The three babyfaces send The O.C. to the outside as they stand tall.

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