WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Backstage the three babyfaces ask Orton if he is okay, and while he thanks them for the help, he states that he didn’t actually need it.


The two men lock up early and have a real stalemate as they go back and forth to try and gain control. Aleister Black is eventually able to get the advantage with a sliding kick, tripping up his opponent and he then hits his classic mind-game springboard and sit down into the pose.

Back in the ring, Tony Nese uses the rope break to his advantage as he is able to catch Black with some great strikes, and he then drops him on the top rope. But as Nese springboards in the ring, Black has the counter and quickly retaliates with a huge knee to the face as Nese bounces off the ropes. Black then quickly follows it up with Black Mass to get a routine win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Charly Caruso asks Buddy Murphy if he regrets knocking on Aleister’s door, and while he admits to still feeling the effects of last week, he knocked on the door to expose him. Buddy says Black takes himself too seriously, calling him a hot head and says he will be the one who calms him down.


Eric Young immediately attempts to take the fight to Andrade, working his arm, but as they get to the corner, Andrade makes the most of the referee’s count and takes a cheap shot to Young. He then sends him across the ring with an Irish whip and follows it up with a big knee to the face.

Andrade then tries to send Young over the ropes but he keeps in control and heads to the top rope, where Andrade meets him. Young beats him down though and hits a big Elbow Drop, but it isn’t enough to get the win.

But as he tries to climb the ropes again, Andrade rags his legs away and hits a sharp knee to the face to regain control of the match for himself. However, Young continues to show his ability with a big neck breaker, getting a near fall and once again he looks for the Elbow Drop.

However, yet again Andrade stops it from happening and hits the double knees in the corner which he follows up with the Hammerlock DDT.

Winner: Andrade

Kyle Busch becomes the new 24/7 Champion.

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