WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Seth Rollins is shown leaving the building, and Charly Caruso points out that he said everyone is part of his family and questions why he didn’t help Kevin Owens. Seth claims he did help out Kevin, but he didn’t want his help. Rollins says no matter what he says or does, it is always his fault, so what is the point.

Rollins claims that everyone is a critic, but not everyone has the guts to be a leader as he then walks away.

Erick Rowan is then once again shown talking to his box, and whatever is inside of it, stating that “Daddy loves you.”


Before the match begins No Way Jose’s conga line attempts to look inside whatever is in Rowan’s bag and he heads outside and destroys all three men. No Way tries to fight him off but he quickly gets launched into the steel steps as Rowan then chases away the rest of the conga line.

Rowan then hits his classic crossbody on the outside, flattening Jose. Back in the ring, Rowan plants Jose with an Iron Claw, but before the pinfall is made he pulls him up and hits another for good measure.

Winner: Erick Rowan

After the match in Gorilla Position, Erick is asked what is in the cage and he just walks away.

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