WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Before the bell even rings the Tag Team Champions decide to jump the Queen, beating her down before the match officially begins. With the referee regaining control, Charlotte and Asuka go straight to battle as she takes Flair into her corner.

The champions make frequent tags as they beat down Flair in the corner, keeping themselves fresh in the process. Flair eventually manages to fight back though, sending both women to the outside as she slides under the bottom rope and takes out both women with a boot each.

Flair then gets sent headfirst into the barricade though and the champions regain control. However, Charlotte does manage to turn things around inside the ring, only for Kairi Sane to pull her off the ring apron. But Flair then sends her into the barricade and gives Sane a slap for good measure.

But of course, the numbers game proves too much and Asuka is ready to fly off the apron with a knee to the face to change the momentum once again. But back in the ring, the champions have some miscommunication as Sane tries to hold Flair for the Hip Attack, which she avoids as Sane is sent flying to the outside.

As we return from commercial it is the Kabuki Warriors who are back in control. Sane catches Flair with a sharp forearm to the face of the Queen and takes her back to their corner so Asuka can tag back in. Asuka looks for a German suplex, but she is able to avoid it but Asuka ends up planting her down anyway.

Sane then tags in and flies in from the top rope but she is hit by a big boot and Asuka gets one, as well as the champions, are set up in the drop zone. Flair climbs high but both women get their knees up to counter the Moonsault effort.

However, Sane ends up being caught in a Boston Crab straight after, but as she has it locked in, Asuka rocks Flair with a huge kick to the face. When Charlotte is able to get up again she is hit by a missile dropkick from Asuka, but it only gets a near fall.

Asuka once again goes for a dropkick but Flair pushes it away and she tries to lock in the Figure Four, only for Asuka to reverse that into a triangle choke. However, Charlotte’s power is too much as she hits a massive powerbomb, but Sane intercepts to stop the pinfall.

San then scales to the top rope but Flair fights her way to join her. The two women are locked at the top rope only for Asuka to tag in and join them, as the Kabuki Warriors get the best of the situation, dropping her to the mat as Sane then hits a double stomp.

Somehow though, Charlotte stays in this one and Flair then avoids the next double move and hits a huge Spear to both women but Asuka kicks out. Flair then rocked Asuka with another Spear, but a blind tag had been made so her Figure Eight on Asuka means nothing.

However, as she has it locked in, Kairi Sane climbs to the top rope and hits the Insane Elbow to win a brilliant handicap match.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

Backstage, Charlotte is asked if she regretted challenging The Kabuki Warriors, and she simply said, “No.”

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