WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Straight away, Erik hits his classic knee to the face of his opponent, seemingly knocking him out. He drags him to his partner to tag them but the partner jumps off and tries to getaway. Sadly for him, he walks into Ivar who plants him down as Erick then powerslams Ivar onto him as well.

Back in the ring and Erik lifts Ivar and plants him onto their opponent in the corner. The champions then hit the Viking Experience and this squash is over.

Winners: The Viking Raiders


Humberto Carrillo kickstarts the match with Karl Anderson, catching him with a spinning kick to take down The O.C. member as Ricochet tags in. The duo quickly works together as they hit a double springboard and pull Anderson up to plant him on the mat as they rise.

Anderson eventually manages to drag Carrillo into their corner and AJ Styles joins in, only to be taken down with a huge aerial attack from Humberto. However, with a sharp kick from Anderson while Carrillo is on the ropes, The O.C are able to take advantage with Luke Gallows hitting a clothesline on the outside.

Despite big LG dominating Humberto, he is able to bring in Rey Mysterio and he quickly starts lighting up Anderson until Gallows comes from behind to get involved. However, he is sent into the ring post as Rey hits an unusual 619.

AJ Styles then tries to get involved and he is set up for a 619 but as he wings around, Anderson is able to grab his legs and sent the United States Champion headfirst into the ring post. Luke Gallows then dominates again in the ring, hitting a huge suplex to Mysterio.

Rey finally makes the tag though and Ricochet begins to light up all three members of The O.C. springboarding with a clothesline to AJ, he then follows it up with a standing shooting star, but Styles is able to kick out.

Ricochet can’t fly from the top rope though due to Karl Anderson interfering and he is then rocked by a big uppercut from Anderson with the official blind. Styles then plants him down on the mat but Ricochet is able to kick out.

Ricochet avoids the Styles Clash and hits the Recoil, but Karl Anderson stops the pinfall. However, Anderson is hit with a 619 for his efforts as Gallows then takes down Rey with a big boot on the ring apron. But he is forced to look to the sky as Humberto Carrillo comes flying off the top rope to deal with him.

Back in the ring though, AJ hits a Pele kick to Ricochet as he then sets him up on the top rope. From the top rope, AJ hits the Styles Clash and the former United States Champion secures the win for his team.

Winners: The O.C.

However, the show ends with an RKO-outta-nowhere as Randy Orton takes out AJ Styles.

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