WWE Monday Night Raw Results
December 23, 2019


Kevin Owens kicks off the show and claims he has a lot on his mind about a lot of people, but before he can continue talking, Mojo Rawley makes his way out. Mojo says the first thing better be an explanation for the nonsense with the steel pipe.

KO says he wasn’t even going to talk about it at all, but Mojo says Owens needs a reality check. He says Owens isn’t a tough guy, but everyone is with a steel pipe in their hands, which is why tonight it will be a no disqualification match. But KO cuts him off and says they need to just get on with it.


Straight away the two men go back and forth until Owens sends Mojo to the outside as he then flies off the ring apron with a cannonball. KO then tries to set up a table inside the ring, but Mojo takes advantage of that distraction and nails him with a chair, throwing out the table straight away.

Rawley then continues the attack with the chair, setting a bunch up in an unfolded position as he takes Owens to the top rope. However, Kevin Owens has other plans and he begins to fight out, but when Mojo is knocked to the mat, he simply launches KO off the top rope and through the chairs.

Owens quickly gets back in control with a big boot though, setting up Mojo for the Swanton Bomb, but that doesn’t quite get the job done. Owens takes advantage of the situation and gets the table back set up and immediately hits a Stunner to Mojo as he tries to get back up.

KO then bounces Mojo off the ropes and hits a Pop Up Powerbomb to secure the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, KO says he did have a lot to say, but Mojo has him in a fighting mood so he calls out AOP and Seth Rollins. We are then shown Seth Rollins and AOP backstage as it appears they are heading to the ring.

Rollins then heads down and tells AOP to stay outside as he has got this. He offers a handshake to Kevin Owens who instead hits a superkick. However, AOP quickly hits the ring to layout Owens for his actions. Rollins then joins in himself, Stomping Owens to the mat for good measure.


We are then shown R-Truth strolling around New York City, which of course leads to him being attacked from behind, we have a new champion…Akira Tozawa!

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